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Infertility: Who Do You Tell?

When it takes a little longer than expected to get pregnant, who do you tell? There's the Khloe Kardashian approach of broadcasting it on reality television…or the opposite extreme of keeping fertility troubles entirely between you and your spouse. Two Utah women tell us how they found themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Dr. Foulk

Dr. Foulk has a passion for helping couples to overcome infertility. Despite being an internationally recognized expert on infertility, he takes great pride in developing personal relationships with each of his patients. He firmly believes that one of the greatest joys in life is helping a couple to find hope and eventually overcome the devastating disease of infertility. To contact Dr. Foulk, visit

Julie de Azevedo Hanks

Julie de Azevedo Hanks is a therapist, self & relationship expert, media contributor and director of Wasatch Family Therapy. For emotional, health & relationship resources connect with Julie at or visit

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