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Great Books for Gardeners

Trish Hull with the Salt Lake County Library Services reveals ten great reads for gardeners.

Gardeners Book

Cutting Edge Gardening in the Intermountain West

By Marcia Tatroe

Call #: 635.952 Tat

The first complete gardening book to cover the hot, dry, desert and plains areas of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming, Idaho, Montana. Topics include: extensive plant lists for all areas, hardscape ideas using rock and wood, and many other things.

Grow Organic

By  Editor: Louise Abbott

Call #:635.048 Gro

Learn to grow delicious vegetables and fruit, keep plants and flowers healthy, make compost, and attract wildlife. Step-by-step sequences show all the key gardening techniques, making them easy to follow.

High and Dry: gardening with cold-hardy dryland plants

By Robert Nold

Call #:635.952 Nold

The book’s trove of plants is brought to life through detailed advice based upon Nold’s hard-won understanding of gardening in Denver’s unique climatic conditions. Extensive plant profiles offer descriptions of plants, their habits, and cultural requirements. Moreover, entries are filled with Nold’s personal experience, helping to govern readers’ choices as they look to create their own beautiful gardens.

Family Gardens: How to create magical outdoor spaces…

By Bunny Guinness

Call #:712.6 Gui

Sets out to prove it is possible to create a garden for the whole family to enjoy - one which combines mystery, adventure and exhilaration for children, while simultaneously appearing stylishly designed and planted for the grown-ups - even in a small space and on a tight budget.

Lasagna Gardening

By Patricia Lanza

Call #:635 Lan

This intriguingly titled book serves up a time-saving approach to gardening that will come as welcome news to the overworked and the horticulturally challenged. Lanza exhorts readers to build soil up, "instead of digging down," by simply layering organic materials onto a prospective garden site and close-planting directly into it.

The Complete Illustrated Handbook of Garden Pests & Diseases

By Andrew Mikolajski

Call #:635.92 Mik

The greatest deterrent to every would-be gardener is coping with weeds and dealing with plants that fail to thrive no matter how well nurtured they have been. This is a guide to the most common garden problems, and some rarer ones also, and how to identify and eradicate them using organic and inorganic means.

Allergy-free Gardening

By Thomas Leo Ogren

Call #:635 Ogr

Tom Ogren investigates the role that urban planning plays in the urgent health crisis of allergy problems. This comprehensive plant-by-plant reference alerts gardeners and landscapers to the source of this epidemic and aims to arm them with the tools to reduce their exposure to harmful allergens.

The Way We Garden Now

By Katherine Whiteside

Call #: 635 Whi

A self-described "hands-on gardener with a healthy disregard for fancy tools, an aversion to spending, and no time to recover from extreme exhaustion," Whitestone urges readers to forget "perfection" when it comes to gardening, and instead turn it into something pleasurable.

Designing the New Kitchen Garden

By Jennifer R Bartley

Call #:635.048

The classic kitchen garden, has long been a part of European culture and consciousness. In this volume, Jennifer Bartley shows how the traditional features of a kitchen garden can be adapted to American needs and conditions.

Sink and Container Gardening

By Chris and Valerie Wheeler

Call #:635.986 Whe

Most container gardening books highlight annuals and perennials...the Wheelers suggest growing dwarf hardy plants. They cover choosing and grouping containers as well as plant selection and design.

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