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Etsy Roundup: Winter Décor

There's no short of festive winter décor in stores right now. But, it can all start looking really same-same. So, if you're looking for unique décor items, but don't want to make them yourself, what are you options? Design blogger Kirsten Krason says Etsy is her go-to shop, for those one-of-a-kind décor items. She shares an Etsy roundup of all things winter!

Winter Terrarium: Doodle Birdie /DoodleBirdie

Terrariums are really hot right now in design. It's like an aquarium but for plants instead of fish! I am obsessed with this winter wonderland terrarium. It's whimsical and the best part is it's super easy to keep alive! Just spray it with water every few weeks.

Snow on Snow Print: Sarah Jane Studios ref=seller_info

This little cottage print is called snow on snow. It captures that feeling of coziness that we call love in the wintertime. This print would be a great thing to pull out each winter season to start getting you in the mood for snow!

Holiday Poinsettia Pillow: 603 Home

Isn't this pillow adorable! I love the homemade yet sophisticated feel of it. Plus better way to add a seasonal feel to your home than with a poinsettia and bells!

Woodland Deer Holiday Pillow: Blue Leaf Boutique ref=seller_info

This is a hand-drawn and hand-stitched pillow done in a folk type style. It's got all your holiday favorites. Rudolph's red nose, snowy white-mountains, holly wreath, red berries and the north star!

Glittery Penguins: Wish Daisy ref=pr_shop_more

These little guys are right up my alley. Cute and glittery! What more could you ask for. I think these would be a hit in any room in your house. I could see them in a bathroom on the sink, standing on a coffee table book, atop a mantle or even on a window ledge.

Custom Silhouette tray: Simply Silhouettes op/silhouetteshop

These are really unique and a great way to add some personal decor to your home. You just send her the pictures of who you want included on the tray and she'll put each person in their own snowflake. Please note there is a long lead time on these so order them fast if you want them for the Holiday season.

Cable Knit Coasters: Red Bird Ink ref=pr_shop_more

When I think of winter I think of cable knit. These coasters are really beautiful. They are letter-pressed with a dark gold ink. These would make a great gift or how fun would they be to pull out at a Holiday Party. They would look really great on a winter theme tablescape.

Let it Snow Banner: Designs by Devany

Once again I am loving glitter! I think this would be really beautiful hanging from a mantle. In my house I don't have a mantle so I had to improvise and I decided to hang it between my windows which I think is also a fun idea.

Pinecone Garland: Naturally Natalie ref=seller_info

I love pine-cones in the winter and I especially love when people find ways to decorate them. They are such a beautiful natural decoration. This garland would also be great on a mantle.

Monogram Wreath: Embellished Living: ref=seller_info

This wreath is decorated with natural twine and paper rosettes. This is a great way to personalize a wreath. Plus I think you could even leave this monogram out all year!

Shabby Chic Paper Wreath: Pretty Foldings ref=seller_info

I love bringing in a little bit of red with my winter decor. Each of these little flowers is made by hand and glued onto the wreath that has been covered in ribbon. This is what I love about Etsy. Handmade products this detailed are hard to find elsewhere.

Boxwood Wreath: Blaithin Blair ref=pr_shop_more

Boxwood is one of my favorite things about winter. I just think it's so beautiful. I love it in garlands and wreaths. They are made to-order so they are incredibly fresh. They are beautiful on their own but you could easily add other berries or flowers to them if you wanted.

Musical Holiday Wreath: Crafty Lori Jean ref=seller_info

Each of these flowers has been hand rolled with sheet music. This wreath is great for the family that enjoys music. How cute would it be on the door to your music room. But even if you are not musically talented like me you can still enjoy it.

Kirsten Krason is a designer and blogger. She loves mixing her two passions of blogging and Interior Design to bring advice and inspiration to her thousands of readers. If you are in need of full service design services or even just a consultation she is happy to help. Visit for more information.

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