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Photo Displays that Pop

Don't let all those beautiful photos you've been taking go to waste. Pull those pictures off your memory card and start creating eye-catching photo displays.

Creating Keepsakes Creative Editor Megan Hoeppner shares fresh, fun ways to display photos.

Photo Fun!

We're blessed to be living in a time with photos seem unlimited. Thanks to digital cameras we never "run out of film," and thanks to camera phones getting better and better, we never find ourselves without a tool to snap a quick shot.

The trick is getting those images off of those cameras, memory cards, and computers, and putting them on display!

Of course, there's the option of scrapbooking your images, but sometimes we want to take a few of those favorites and do something else to show them off. When you find yourself in that situation, here are a few fresh, eye- catching ideas to try:

Home Decor

Make your home shine with your favorite smiling faces. These projects will get noticed and make those favorite photos stand out!

Printer's Tray Display

Whether you find a vintage tray at a local consignment shop or use one of the popular replicas available from scrapbook companies today, this is a fun way to quickly and easily display an assortment of images.

Tick Tock, it's a Photo Clock

Local craft stores carry clocks you can customize, making keeping track of time much more enjoyable. Simply fill the spaces in the clock with patterned paper and photos. With this idea, it's always time for fun!

Canvas Collage

Take your scrapbooking out of your album and on your wall with the popular BasicGrey Canvas Samplers. This is a textured way to show off your photos. Throw in a handful of fabric scraps and embellishments for an original and attractive piece of wall art!

Chair Rail Display

Make an impression in any room with a customized chair rail. Simply add a chair rail using molding from the hardware store, line that rail with a series of photos, and top the photos with a second rail. You can use wallpaper adhesive or Mod Podge to apply your images. Tip: Print your pictures with a thin white border around them to keep them from running together and looking too busy on the wall. Tip: Print black and white photos for this project, which will look fantastic without competing for attention with the rest of your room.

Box Lid Collage

Whether in your scrapbook album or on your wall, photo collages are all the rage. Here's a quick and affordable way to make a one-of-a-kind collage display without needing to invest in frames. Line box lids with your favorite photos. Use a variety of lid sizes for added interest, and add color to the lids, either with paint or patterned paper to complete the design.

Party Decor

Throwing a party? Photos will give any shindig an extra special touch. Try these simple tricks to dress up your next event.

Photo Number (or letter)

If you're celebrating a birthday boy or girl, why not Mod Podge photos of him or her onto a large paper mache letter? The letter can then sit by the front door, in the center of the treat table, or somewhere else to make that birthday kiddo feel like the star he or she is!

Photo Ladder

For an interactive display idea that keeps on giving, hang an old ladder with photos dangling from it. Mix in treat sacks containing copies of the images (or any other favor) so that guests can take a piece of the party home with them. This is a really fun idea to use at a family reunion!


Show the grandparents or your spouse you care by creating a cool photo jar display. Mason jars are a popular crafting item, and many crafters are now using them to show off photos. Explore ideas for containing your favorite images in this way, and then give the jars to family and friends to use in their homes, offices, etc.

Displaying your photos in attractive ways doesn't have to be involved. Look for items that can be dressed up easily, print a few of your favorite pics, and have fun seeing how you can put them out for the entire family to enjoy. After all, you've gone to the trouble of taking the pictures. It would be a shame to not take a final step or two to enjoy those moments you've captured on camera for years to come!

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