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Reconditioning Kids & the Camera

Most moms will say their kids stiffen up when the camera comes out. And the reason is pretty obvious -- they sort of get ordered around, and have to pose on cue!

Brooke Snow is out to change that - so cracking out the camera turns into a pleasant experience for moms and kids.

1. Drop the Instructions. Use conversation instead.

Cheesy smiles and uncooperative kids with the camera, are most often a result of the way we approach photography. Our kids are used to hearing us issue instructions throughout the day about what they can and cannot do. When photography becomes one more thing that requires obedience it's no wonder we see a bit of defiance!

Try using moments of photography to have a bit of conversation! Ask funny questions. Use your imagination. Make the moment playful, and watch how the expressions and willingness to participate magically change!

2. Learn to love images not looking at the camera.

We love to see the faces of our kids, but images where they are not looking at the camera can often hold a greater amount of intrigue and story.

3. Quietly integrate the camera into the moment.

Instead of the camera being an interruption of an activity, begin to quietly integrate the camera into your family activities. This helps the camera begin to go unnoticed and be less obtrusive to the experience.

4. Don't let the camera always be a barrier to connecting with your subjects.

Its much harder to connect with someone when you can't see their face. Learning to photograph with your face not behind the camera helps to invite true emotional connection in your images. Simply frame the shot as you like and hold the camera in place while moving your face to the side for some good conversation to bring great emotion!

Brooke Snow is a lifestyle photographer in Logan, Utah. She teaches inspiring online photography classes that give you confidence in your camera and your creativity. website:


Brooke Snow

Teacher and Kindred Photographer

Come and hang out: ographybrookesnow

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