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How to Motivate Your Child

How to Motivate Your Child

Children are naturally curious and eager to try new things! But as they grow, kids start to play it safe. Parenting author, Maggie Stevens, says understanding why children lose their enthusiasm for life, can help you figure out how to motivate your kids.

To understand how to motivate your child, it helps to understand how and why they lose their motivation:

Children naturally love life. Everything interests them. They whirl until dizzy, run until they fall, sing unconsciously. The realities of life eventually intrude (a bad grade, friends laughing at us, the arrival of a sibling) and they lose a bit of that sense of aliveness. Their safety in threatened. The results...they quit trying new things, their zest for life is tempered and motivation slows.

While it is impossible to shield your child from life's problems, it is important to provide the safest environment possible. A child's motivation is sacred and needs to be protected.

How should parents do this?

1. Improve the attitude you portray.

Children need to know you will protect them. They should feel love, respect, trust and safety from their parents.

2. Introduce creative activities.

Children need your help and guidance discovering new skills and interests that will give them confidence in their abilities.

3. Set your own standards of success

When a child is given more than they can handle, they quit trying. (Spelling test example)

4. There is not a timeline or creative path that fits everyone.

5. Be open and positive to your child's motivation. (Example of boys playing video games/Facebook and how it is leading to success in college and careers)

To ask questions, join a discussion board or schedule Maggie for a workshop, visit Parent Fix by Maggie Stevens is available at: Deseret Book, Barnes and Noble,

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