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New Flowers and Plants for Spring 2012

If you're anxious to get out and start adding some color to your garden, there's a whole new crop of flowers and plants that will be tempting you this spring. The new line of plants and a free inspiration guide are now available from Proven Winners.

John Rader from Proven Winners rolls out the new flowers for Spring 2012.

Proven Winners® Gardener's Idea Book - How to Get It!

Visit In the lower right hand corner, there is a Spotlight window that scrolls through different programs. Click on "Request Yours Now!" when the Gardener's Idea Book section appears. Fill out the form and submit it to get your free copy of the Gardener's Idea Book. Or call 877-865-5818 to request.

John's favorite flowers for Spring 2012:

SUPERBELLS® Cherry Star Calibrachoa hybrid

SUPERBELLS® Cherry Star has consistent rich cherry petals with a breeding break-through bright yellow star pattern that stays stable, even in the heat. Like all SUPERBELLS, Cherry Star delivers vibrant color, heat tolerance, superior disease resistance, and large blooms that make this variety a "star' performer. Plants bloom earlier in the season than other market varieties.

SUPERTUNIA® White Russian Petunia hybrid

SUPERTUNIA varieties are exceptional performers no matter how and where you use them. They create extraordinary hanging baskets and containers because their compact habit means they fill in quickly and don't get leggy. White Russian has an antique white look that seemingly matches anything that it is put next to. It is one of the most versatile varieties in the market.

SWEET CAROLINE Bewitched Improved Ipomoea batatas

As if the SWEET CAROLINE line of Ipomoeas weren't intriguing enough, the breeders at North Carolina State University have given the industry one of the most enchanting varieties in Bewitched Improved. With darker foliage, more leaf texture, and better branching, this improvement will be sure to delight. Combine with SUPERTUNIA® White Russian Petunia and SUPERBELLS® Dreamsicle Calibrachoa, and you've got a combination that will charm long after Halloween.

SUPERBELLS® Sweet Tart Calibrachoa hybrid

Calibrachoa hybrida 'Superbells Sweet Tart' is a beautiful new introduction from Proven Winners. The flowers have large yellow throats surrounded by the cheeriest of pinks. Covered in blooms all season long its vigorous mounding / trailing habit will quickly fill in sunny window boxes, combination planters and hanging baskets. No deadheading is required. Very low maintenance and disease resistance makes Superbells a winner!

SUPERBENA® Royale Iced Cherry Verbena hybrid

Reminiscent of a frosty cherry Popsicle, this plant offers a refreshing burst of color to any landscape or combination. As a Royale, Iced Cherry has an early compact habit, yet as a SUPERBENA, it becomes a vigorous spreading plant that will fill in any landscape or combination container for the gardener. The flowers are sweetly fragrant and the exceptional branching creates cascades of flower clusters.

SUPERBELLS® Grape Punch Calibrachoa hybrid

The newest member to the SUPERBELLS Punch line, Grape Punch is making a splash in the market. Large, pure purple blooms with a deep purple throat adorn the foliage of this mounding trailer. Perfect for combinations, this beauty will sweeten up almost anything that it is combined with. It would also look stunning as a mono container or basket. Like all SUPERBELLS, Grape Punch delivers heat tolerance and superior disease resistance. Plants bloom earlier in the season than other market varieties.

There are several stores in Utah that carry the Proven Winners line.

1. Cactus and Tropicals

2. Diamond Bar Grow Systems

3. Glover Nursery

4. IFA Stores

5. McCoard's Garden Center

6. Millcreek Garden Center

7. Sunroc

8. Trellis Garden Center

9. Valley Nursery

10. Wasatch Shadows

11. Western Garden Centers

12. Home Depot

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