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Spring Green Decorating

With spring budding in the backyard, we want to capture some of that natural texture and energy and bring it inside.

It's what Melissa Quigley does so well. She joins us with fresh ideas for spring green decorating.

Now is the time to bring the outdoors in & celebrate the beginning of Spring. There are simple & sophisticated ways to do this & add those little natural touches to your home decor.

I love the pairing of formal with rustic in my home. Opposites really do attract & make a wonderful visual in any space. Glass paired with wood elements is a fantastic contrast & is very interested to look at. It pairs the smooth with the rough & adds a element of surprise that works so well together. Tie in wood pieces along with some silver touches & a delightful bunch of flowers in a glass vase makes for an amazing grouping. There are so many possibilities to this kind of decorating. Wood, glass & metal really are great companions that work well together.

Look for ways to bring that splash of color into your home along with a little piece of the outdoors to celebrate the fresh start of a brand new season.

Happy Decorating!

Melissa is a stay at home mom with a passion for decor & entertaining. She is also a wife & mother to 3 girls. Her family lives in beautiful Mountain Green. She is the owner of Hollyhocks & Honeybees. You can learn more about her decorating style on her blog,


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