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A "Happy Home" Shower

A "Happy Home" Shower

Any good party starts with a good theme - and we guarantee this theme will make you happy!

Studio 5 "Happy Home" Contributor Jill Grover shares how to shower the bride with meaning.

When I decided to throw a bridal shower for my cutest-ever-soon-to-be-daughter-in-law Jaycee, I wanted to infuse her new home with happiness! So I asked the guests to play along, and pretty soon we had one incredible "happy" party on our hands. Here are a few details from Jaycee's "Happy Home" shower:


I used water colors to free hand my idea of a happy house - full of crazy color and charm! I scanned that image onto an invitation, and included the text that invited the guests to bring the bride a gift that makes their house a home. I included a paper heart in the invitation that they could write their story on - explaining what gave their gift meaning. The guests then attached those paper hearts to a paper tree.

Door Décor

The heart became a running theme throughout the party - at the door guests were greeted with a basic wreath, decorated with a paper heart that read â"˜welcome!'


I used a heart cookie cutter to slice the bread for tea sandwiches. Cupcakes completed the happy home theme!

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