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Thrift Store Halloween

Thrift Store Halloween

It is time to pull out all of your Halloween items and get decorating! If you don't love what you already have, no worries!

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop shares her ideas to transform old thrift store items into hot Halloween décor!

Mice-Infested Chair- give an outdated upholstered chair a Halloween makeover by tearing holes into the fabric and pulling the stuffing through the holes. Add a couple of toy mice.

Halloween Family Gallery- Search on the internet for free silhouette images of your favorite Halloween characters. Enlarge or reduce to desired size and print. Trace onto black cardstock and mount in a thrift store frame.

Sweater Pumpkins- recycle outdated sweaters into Halloween/fall pumpkins. Several different types of fabric pumpkins patterns can be found online. Embellish with lace, felt etc.

Doily Spider Web- Dip entire doily into fabric stiffener or white glue. Squeeze out excess and lay doily on waxed paper to dry. Once dry and stiff, add additional string, jewels or even paint to achieve the look you desire. Add a spider and hang.

Trick or Treat Shutters- Add your favorite Halloween phrase to a pair of old shutters or closet doors. Simply print the letters off your computer, cut and use spray adhesive or mod-podge to mount.

Elixir Bottles- Transform empty bottles into Halloween décor by adding labels, wax and other embellishments. Several online sites offer free label downloads. To create the look of old paper, tea dye standard white paper by brewing black tea, pour the tea into a 9x13 glass pan and lay the paper into the tea. Let the paper soak for about 1 hour. Remove the paper and lay on paper towels to dry. Once paper is dry, it can be sent through the printer. Add melted candle wax, lace or vintage jewelry to the bottles.

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