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Gifts for the Gardener

There are all sorts of people on your gift-giving list. So we have tracked down our "rave recommendations" for gifts for gardeners.

Cynthia Bee, from the Jordan Valley Conservation Garden Park shares her picks for the top 5 gifts for gardeners.

Gardening gloves. Retail $6.99. These gloves are really thin and have a neoprene coating on them to make them more durable and moisture resistant.

Why they are a must have: They aren't bulky and don't get in the way, you can still 'feel' what you're doing without roughing up your hands Felco Pruners. These pruners are the industry gold standard. $30-$50 depending on model selected. They are a little more expensive than some brands but you'll only have to buy them once. Available at most Independent Nursery Retailers.

Garden Books

Gardening on the New Frontier: Waterwise Design for the Intermountain West by Susan E. Meyer, Roger K. Kjelgren, Darrel G. Morrison, William A. Varga, Bettina Schultz- all USU Professors who are experts on gardening here in our challenging Utah Climate. $15.95 for Kindle edition or $25.00 in hardcover.

Air plants! These versatile plants do not require soil and can be displayed in all sorts of fun ways. Plants you can craft with! Air Plants are available at Cactus & Tropicals for $4.00- $10.00 each. Hanging Glass Terrarium available at Cactus & Tropicals and Tai Pan Trading for $7.00- $10.00.

Dish Garden. This is just a simple dish container planted with succulents. It can grace an indoor surface through the winter then be moved outside for the summer. In either location, it's a great low-maintenance living centerpiece. Cost $15-$30 depending on materials selected. The dish garden only requires watering every 3-4 weeks through the winter while it's indoors. A great gift for those who tend to fail at houseplants as pretty much anyone can keep succulents going. Pre-made dish gardens can be purchased at J&J Nursery, Millcreek Gardens, Cactus & Tropicals and Lowe's Home Improvement. Making your own is quick and fun.

Cynthia has posted a tutorial on how to create a living centerpiece. You can view it from the Conservation Garden Park's blog (

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