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Personalized Photo Gifts

This Christmas, give everyone on your list personalized gifts using photos! It's the perfect way to show them you care.

Blogger Mandy Douglass shares five creative and unique photo gifts.

Photo gifts have a personalized touch that is unique to the receiver. Enjoy 5 creative ideas for anyone on Santa's list to help you find or make your last minute gifts!

1. For the Cell phone user

Customize a case for your cell phone user. A very easy process and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Upload your favorite picture, adjust the photo where you want it and enjoy the mailman bringing it to your door. NOTE: Be sure to order your case today so that it will have a chance to get to you by Christmas!

Website: http://www.iy CategoryID=914&PK=c6c739cddbb245c6a3d17afa38f72469

Cost: $19.95

ENTER PROMO CODE: UTAH for $5 off of iphone cases!!

Shipping: Because this company is located in Miami, Florida, it will not get to you in time for Christmas unless you choose 2 day shipping!

2. For the Jewelry wearer

Chunky, darling jewelry has been a trendy style for the past few years, however, how about customizing yours for the receiver. I chose to make one for my mother-in-law, and make a mosaic of all of her grandchildren. I chose to make the pictures really small and by cropping each one in photoshop, then making shrinking them down to fit inside this necklace. Such a darling twist on these great necklaces. This specific necklace was purchased from Stampin' Up! These charms were my favorite!

Website for Stampin' Up!: x?productID=116799

Cost: $24.93

For Preferred pricing (save $3) visit my blog:

3. For the Busy mom

I love to scrapbook, and I love to record memories, but often I don't have time to do it! This has been a system for 3 years that I have loved. It is simply a journal / day planner that you use through your year, and take pictures to create a small scrapbook about your year.

Website: http://www.pera

Cost: $25

Be sure to visit my blog for discount codes and a contest for a free book for your loved one!

4. For the sentimental decorator

This idea I found on Pinterest by a talented blogger, Talia Christine.

To make this project fit within the gift givers theme, I found an old window frame, and some antique slides at Star Mill in American Fork. Bought some tacks, and chicken wire I got at Lowes, and printed all my instagram photos on my home printer.

Use with slides, or even better, during the holidays, use to hang all of those beautiful Christmas Cards you receive in the mail! This was a very cost effective gift, thoughtful gift, and super easy to put together.

Cost: approx. $30

5. A darling ornament / birthday reminder gift

This idea comes from Jamie at the Crafting chicks last year.

She took lids from the tops of juice cans, made a darling photo collage on her printer, and then made ornaments for each of her kids. So I wanted to take these "lid ornaments" a step further. After the holidays, simply clip off the string, and use as magnets.

I chose to put each nephew and nieces birthday on it, so I can display their picture on my fridge to remind me each month of their special day! Cost: approx $6 for printing pictures off printer, and magnets!

Bonus IDEA!!

When wrapping your gifts this year, use a picture for the tag to tell who the gift is to. Much easier for little ones who can't quite read yet, to know which gift is theirs, and so much more personalized for the people receiving! It might even be fun to find old pictures of when adults were children!

For more fun and creative projects, check out Mandy's blog,

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