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Creative Indoor Winter-Themed Activities

It's finally beginning to feel like winter outside and we are celebrating with a Studio 5 Snowed In party!

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor, Alisa Bangerter shares cool ways to keep busy indoors this winter!

Doily Snowflake Décor

A very inexpensive and simple way to make snowflake décorations is to use paper doilies in a variety of sizes. Simply fold the doily several times as you would to cut a paper snowflake. Cut and open. The lacy design adds to the cut snowflake and they are very lightweight. Hang from fishing line to create a snowflake filled doorway or window or a low ceiling.

Matching Snowflakes Game

Cut snowflakes two at a time so they are a pair. Hang up one snowflake from each pair (and add extra individual ones if desired to make this harder) and set aside the rest. When ready for the activity, give each person a snowflake to find the match. See who can do it the fastest, or do it in a relay or which individual can match the most in an allotted time.

Snowman Chair

Place a white pillowcase over the back of a chair. Tie around a fleece scarf or piece of fabric. Glue on felt, pom poms, buttons, etc. to create a snowman face. Attach a felt hat or knit stocking hat. These could already be done around a table as part of the décor or could be an activity letting each person decorate their place.

Winter Family Card Game

This activity is a personalized game that plays like the card game "Old Maid." Print pairs of family photos that are winter themed. You will need approximately 22 pairs. In addition, print one single photo of a snowman, a funny family snow picture, or maybe a summer photo (in contrast to the winter theme) that will be the "Old Maid". Place the photos on cardstock and laminate if desired. Play as you would "Old Maid."

Create Fancy Mittens

Purchase inexpensive mittens or gloves for each person. Have supplies available to decorate the gloves such as ric-rac, ribbon, buttons, pom poms, sweater and felt material, embroidered patches, etc. A fun option to this is to make snowman glove puppets - simply purchase white mittens and decorate each finger of the mitten like a tiny snowman (buttons, little orange felt noses, tiny scarfs, felt hats, etc.). Use to create finger plays.

Snowman Kit

Create a family snowman kit. Create a kit that contains items that you would use to embellish a snowman. Black rocks or wood balls for eyes, big buttons, a scarf, a top hat or other unusual hats, a stuffed or wooded carrot nose, etc.

Creamy Snow Art

A great activity for smaller children. Mix equal parts of shaving cream and white Elmers glue. Brush or use fingers to place this on cut out shapes from heavy paper and let dry. It will dry puffy like snow.

Snow Scene Window

Let children paint a snow scene on your windows. See this link from Family Fun for directions:

Snow Much Fun Photo Station

This is a great activity for a larger group and fun for all ages. Let kids color or design a winter scene on a backdrop (white paper or a white sheet) using paints, markers, etc. gather winter themed props such as mittens, gloves, scarves, boots, coats, hats, etc. Hang the backdrop and let kids take photos using a digital camera with everyone using the winter props. If you have a big area for the backdrop items such as ski/snowboard equipment, snow shovel, sled, fake pine trees, etc. could be used. Also a plain backdrop or a big frame used as a prop can be really fun. Show a slide show of all the photos to the group after the shoot.

Ice Block Sculpting

A fun activity for older kids and adults. Each person or group will need an ice block placed on a cookie sheet. Provide small hammers and chisels, screwdrivers and/or putty knives. Set a time limit and see who can design the best ice sculpture. Assign a theme if desired.

Tortilla Snowflakes

Warm large flour tortillas and fold into fourths making a wedge shaped piece. Use kitchen shears to cut out a snowflake as you would if it was paper. Open cut tortilla and brush with butter, oil or cooking spray. Bake in a 350 degree oven until light brown and crispy. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and a little bit of edible glitter for sparkle.

Snowman Drinking Glasses

Cut round black eyes and a mouth and an orange carrot nose from vinyl or cardstock to create a snowman face. Adhere the pieces to the outside of a clear drinking glass. If the glass is larger, tie around the glass a small piece of fringed fleece to resemble a scarf. Fill glass with milk (or ice cream) to make the snowman.

Snowman on a Stick

A very simple way to create a snowman treat that could also be a favor, centerpiece, hot chocolate stirrer, etc. is to thread three large marshmallows onto a skewer (through the side of the marshmallows not end to end) and dip in melted white candy coating. Add small candies and other embellishments to decorate while the coating is still wet. Let set and package in cellophane bags. You could also use donut holes, cookies, Rice Krispy balls, etc. instead of marshmallows. This would also make a fun activity that kids would love to help with.

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