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Instagram Photo Projects

Instagram is quickly becoming on the hottest social sharing applications around! Users can take photos, add fun filters and then share the photos with friends. But we love all of the darling projects you can make from printing those instagram photos!

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares 6 unique ways to use those instagram photos.

inInsta-Gram - Definition:

the hottest and most popular iphone photography App out there!

It's a simple photo-taking and photo-sharing free iphone app that is for taking pictures, adding filters to make them look retro, and then for sharing them with sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook. And second, it's a simple social network of other people's photos. You can "like" or comment on the photos, and see what's new. It's easy and doesn't take much time or effort.

I have become a huge Instagram fan, and rather than just using them as an online sharing tool, to show my friends and family a view of my life through pictures ‚"¶ I have used them for fun d√©cor in my home!

Studio 5 saw this project back in December as a fun photo gift, and thought a few more ideas using instagram photos would be something viewers would love to see ‚"¶ so here are a few fun websites and projects I came up with to spark your interest!

The first website I found and ordered products from was

Tiny Tiles are 2" ceramic tiles made specifically with pictures on them. You can upload any pictures on your computer to the website, but it also can access your instagram photos easily and have them ready to send to you in a matter of minutes. The Tiny Tiles come with magnets to put on the back. Perfect for a refrigerator fridge magnet!

Coaster Tiles

All you need are some cheap tiles from Lowes. Print out photos from your favorite photo printing lab, or off on photo paper on your personal printer. Use Mod Podge to stick them on, and a clear coat on top. After they are dry, use sand paper to smooth the edges! Put some felt pads on the bottom, and you have yourself a darling coaster! SUPER simple and very cute! These I made them up in about 20 minutes total! (except drying time) offers Apps for both the iPhone and Andriod. Each have different functions. Here were two of my favorites!

Postagram - download the free app to your iPhone, or andriod. Purchase credits, and for $.99 they will send a Postcard of your instagram photo to anyone! When they arrive, the picture can pop out, and your receiver can use it for anything! If you ask me, this is the perfect valentine for anyone. Just to test it out, I made a few and they arrived at my house in just a few short days.

Pop Booth Pictures - download the free app to your iphone. You can take 4 photos in a row. Download them to facebook, send them in an email, or again, they will print them out and send them to you! A fantastic way for another valentine if you ask me! What grandma wouldn't love that! Here is a little idea I found online of what to do with a bunch of your photobooth pictures! booth.html Instagoodies is a great company that you can upload your photos to and they will make them 1" stickers to stick anywhere. With photo collages being the latest trend, this is one of the easiest ways you can stick them to your wall.

DIY Mini book

Made a little swatch book using Stampin' Up's Digital software, however this could be made with scraps you have from scrapbook paper, or digitally online. I am super excited about this one! It turned out really cute!

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