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The Great Artist Program

Almost a decade ago one Utah mom noticed her kids weren't bringing art home from school and she wanted to change that. Laurie White turned that motivation into what is now the Great Artist Program. It's an art education program that's mission is to bring out the artist in every elementary student, while giving moms a unique way to volunteer in the classroom.

The Great Artist Program uses simple and proven methods to teach students the foundations of how to draw. The eyes of your students will lighten up and their confidence will soar when they discover they are truly capable of creating great art.

Other art programs try to use craft projects in place of truly teaching art. Such programs don't deliver the real skills and real success of the Great Artist Program. You'll see the difference as your students dare to try new things and discover the artists within themselves.

Promise of Simplicity

The Great Artist Program delivers quality art education in a complete package that's easy to implement. Volunteer instructors are provided with a training DVD and all the materials they need to teach about great artists, great art, and foundational art techniques. Instructors need no prior art background to fully success.

· One-page lesson plans are quick to prepare, easy to teach

· Step-by-step transparencies demonstrate fundamental drawing skills

· Key discussion points help children talk about what they see and feel

· Training and correspondence materials are all included

Value of Art Education

Teaching children art isn't simply for sharpening creative skills. Children who participate in art education improve in:

· Problem solving and critical thinking

· Judging qualitative relationships

· Appreciating how small differences can have large effects

· Celebrating multiple perspectives

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