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Shoot to Sell

Pretty pictures sell! Whether you want to sell homemade crafts on Etsy or a car on KSL Classifieds, great looking photos can payoff. Professional Photographer, Meikel Reece, shares tips on how to shoot to sell.

-Use window light and a clean & simple background

Great lighting is everything and I prefer natural light, and everyone has access to one of the best sources, window light. It gorgeous and soft and produces beautifully lit images. You can use a white pillow case or a white foam board to bounce light from the window back on to your subject. Often times you will need to use a slow shutter speed to get the best exposure with window light and product, using a tripod is the best way to get a sharp image with correct exposures. Choose clean and simple backgrounds. Let your product shine by placing it in front of a wall, fabric or table that will enhance and not detract from your product.

-Style your shot

Whether it's a home, a product or something you are selling on KSL classifieds. Take a moment to style your shot. You can add props that make sense with your product, or just arrange it simply. The better looking your product is the faster it will sell.

-Shoot your item in its element

Shoot your product in its element. If it is a painting or print show it styled on a wall or in a room. If it is a mobile show it in the nursery hanging over a crib. Selling food or recipes? Have the food in a beautiful dish or being prepared.

-Zoom in on the details

Details let your customer get a feel for the texture and quality of your product. Find what you love most about your product and get up close. Getting different and interesting angles will help sell your product.

-For homes to rent, sell or if you built or designed it

Capture the feeling of the home. Make people feel like they are sitting in the room.

This is accomplished by styling the room, using interesting angles and photographing the room when it has the best light.

Get or rent a tripod. The best light for me is natural light especially in homes. The tripod allows you to have a long enough exposure to have a beautifully lit room and a sharp image.

Get or rent a wide angle lenses are a big help, if they are out of your price range, you can rent them. Pictureline in SLC & Draper is the best place to rent. They have a great selection and the best customer service.

Meikel Reece is a professional lifestyle, food and interior photographer. She is from Provo where she lives with her husband and two year old son. She loves her family, food, friends and photography.

Visit Meikel's photography blog at
http://lukeandmeikel.blogspot .com
and her new blog The Happy Valleys,
A guide to what to eat & what to do in Utah & Salt Lake counties.

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