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Craft Room Trends

More and more women are carving out their own creative space at home. And a few specific design trends are emerging in the process.

Megan Hoeppner, Creative Editor of Creating Keepsakes Magazine breaks down three popular craft room styles.

Modular Design: Just about every craft has something in common, and that's the need for ample and organized storage space. I think this is why craft rooms with modular units, small drawers, and ample compartments are so popular. I see these in a more modern style, such as the popular IKEA-style cube shelves, as well as a more vintage style with pieces used such as card catalogs, map drawers, and apothecary units. This approach to keeping supplies tidy is absolutely accessible, affordable, and adaptable, depending on your personal crafting needs.

Vibrant Color: Craft rooms are often one of the only rooms where anything goes as far as color and playfulness are concerned. I love seeing all of the bright hues that make up craft rooms. Surrounding yourself in colors that make you happy is a wonderful way to fuel your creativity. If you aren't comfortable painting or making permanent changes to your walls, opt for color accents, storage cases, decor, and more!

Vintage Romance: This style takes the popularity of the vintage trend and gives it a romantic softness. In this style of space, you'll find family heirlooms, found items from consignment shops, antique stores, and flea markets, and modern replicas that are made to look like antiques. Besides the sentimental appeal found in this style of room, you'll also find a unique assortment of eclectic items used to contain supplies, which is interesting and definitely offers a romantic feel!

Do you have a creative space you would like to see featured? Studio 5 and Creating Keepsakes magazine are on the lookout for the next amazing crafting space to publish in an international crafting magazine and feature on a future episode of Studio 5! For more on how YOU can become our lucky winner, see the FAQs below:

Who's eligible? Anyone with a crafting space in their home. This doesn't have to be a full craft room; it can even be a small, well organized crafting closet. We simply want to see how you store and organize your favorite crafting supplies. And all crafters are welcome (scrapbookers, quilters, sewers, wood workers, etc.).

What do I receive if I win? Creating Keepsakes magazine will send a professional photographer to your home, who will photograph your amazing space. The photos (or a portion of them) will then be featured in a future issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. You'll receive $150 as payment for the rights to feature your space and a copy of the issue the space is featured in. Your space could also be featured on an upcoming Studio 5 episode.

How long is the contest open? Entrants have from February 22, 2012- March 30, 2012 to enter.

How do I enter? To enter, simply e-mail low-resolution images of your creative space to with "The Amazing Space" in the subject line. Please include your full name, city of residence, e-mail address, and phone number with your entry.

We can't wait to see where you create! Submit today and your space could be featured in an international magazine and on Utah's #1 lifestyle program soon!

Good luck!

Your friends at Studio 5 & Creating Keepsakes Magazine

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