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Framed Marquee Message

We fill our homes with word art by framing a beautiful quote or stylized subway art. Now, take your message to the streets, in a marquee-style word art message board.

Melissa Quigley creates at Hollyhocks and Honeybees. She is re-framing our thinking, and helping us to see old picture frames in a new way.

Making frames & dreaming up creative ways of giving them a unique & charming touch has been a passion of mine for the past 12 years. So much so that I even started my own business, Hollyhocks & Honeybees, because of my love for displaying pictures & decorating with frames in my home. Over the years I have enjoyed creating frames for clients that I know will be something they will love having in their homes.

You can find more information about the frames I make & sell on my blog,

Also, join me at The Hive, a delightful little marketplace held at my home, on March 8, 9 & 10th . Check my blog for details, location & times.

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