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Bebe Luxe: The Product Extras Every Mom Wants

Every mom appreciates the basics. But these are fun finds the doting grandma, aunt or girlfriend can offer up!

Studio 5 "Baby Buzz" Contributor Lyndsi Frandsen looks at the luxury side of the baby industry.

As a mom, it seems you are always buying the "basics" for your baby! Diapers, wipes, formula, you name it. It's not very often that you can "step out of the box" and really splurge on fun items for your little one. We have found some over the top, totally luxurious items for your baby that any mom would love. If you are a grandma shopping for your grandkids, an aunt wanting to dote on your nieces and nephews, or even just a girlfriend wanting to spoil your friend's baby, these are the items for you!

1. Bling Binky

Everything is better with a little bling, right? This totally stylish, blinged out pacifier is the perfect accessory for any baby to make her stand out in a crowd! haBlingQueen
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2. Pacifier Sanitizer

Every mom has experienced it: that moment of sheer terror when your baby throws their binky on the dirty, restaurant floor. Your first thought would be to not let your child anywhere near the now germ infested binky and toss it out. But fear no more! This little gem is a portable lifesaver that kills 99% of bacteria found on the pacifier. Just pop the binky into the sterilizer for 5 minutes, and wham, bam! You have yourself a totally clean binky! (at least for 10 minutes until they throw it back onto the floor!) And for you "non-germaphobe" mom's - just humor the rest of us!

Available online at

3. Wipes Warmer

Gone are the days of having to wipe your baby's skin with a freezing cold wipe. This luxurious baby takes those oh-so-cold wet wipes and warms them right up! Not only will it eliminate baby tears but will also take away your mommy guilt that you feel each time you wipe. It even has a handy night light for those late night changes!

Available at Target. $19.99

4. Luxurious Baby Wipe Cases

Say goodbye boring, plastic wipe holders and hello to these beauties! Any mom and baby would look stylish toting around wet wipes in these luxurious cases. carries everything from silky rosette cases to trendy animal prints.

Available at

5. Minky Couture Blankets

This is the blanket of all blankets! Much more cuddly than cotton, the heavy minky fabric provides both warmth and luxurious comfort. Add a silky, satin lining that babies love to touch, rub, and feel…and you have a wrap suited for any princess and prince! What take it over the top are the funky patterns and bright colors. Talk about spoiled and pampered! Your baby will love it (and I sneak mine out for mommy naptime every now and again, too! ).

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6. Daddy/Son Ties

What is cuter than a matching daddy/son outfit? Taylor Joelle Designs offers adorable (I mean…handsome!) ties to dress both your big and little man up in! The best part? The luxurious, shiny, satin material that makes up these fun, bright colored spring and summer must have accessories!

Available at
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7. Baby Perfume

Nothing beats that traditional baby smell but these totally yummy perfumes, made especially for your little ones, sure comes close! It doesn't take away from a baby's natural aroma; it enhances it with scents like: Baby Powder, Almond, and Rose.

You can add to, or cover up (if needs be!) any unwanted baby smells.

Available at

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Lyndsi Frandsen is a regular contributor to Studio 5's "Baby Buzz" series. She is a new mom who loves sharing baby finds, tips and tricks with others. She lives in Cache Valley with her husband, Mike, and their sweet, strawberry-blonde baby girl, Charlotte.

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