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"Special Delivery" Baby Shower

First it was a best-selling book. Then, it went to the big screen. Now, the phrase "What To Expect When You're Expecting" serves as a theme for one amazing baby shower!

Michelle Virtue, with Campus Floral, throws a special delivery baby shower on Studio 5.

If someone you love is expecting a special delivery in the near future, you are probably searching for some baby shower inspiration. The key to having a special shower full of all things sweet and bright is to follow some simple steps that are guaranteed to keep your stress level low and a permanent smile on the mother-to-be.

1. Plan with a specific theme in mind!

We chose to center our theme around "A Special Delivery." This theme lends itself to simple décor and an endless array of complimentary colors, decorations and favors. The truth is that a baby shower theme doesn't have to be complicated, but it should reflect the style and taste of the expectant mother. Keep it simple and be consistent. It's easy to get side tracked when you're planning a party, but focus on your chosen theme and things will come together much easier as you get further into preparations.

2. Design invitations to reflect the theme and package creatively.

It's "Special Delivery," and the invitations should be, as well. If you're mailing invitations, use mini manila folders, coin envelopes, craft/mailing papers, string ties or shipping tags. Coin-Envelope- 4147223/prices-html

http://jam- 34/M/B003N9WIX2.htm? traffic_src=froogle&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=froogle

Don't be afraid to combine shipping materials with bright colors or prints. You don't want people to remember the shower as the party of cardboard. Spice it up with polka dots, texture and the use of unexpected shipping materials. We used these Martha Stewart coasters as a color scheme for our shower. They make a great addition to any invitation as well!!! ( Crafts-Festive- Coasters/dp/B0052UNRF8)

If you have the option of hand delivering invitations, pack up a small brown box and make your own SPECIAL delivery. Fill the bottom of the box with shredded craft paper, newsprint, or scrapbooking printed paper. We love the idea of printing the party information on a die-cut cloud and including celebration details on a string of rain drops. After all, it is a shower!

Fiskars has a really cute example of an "It's a Shower" party!

( Shower)

3. Keep decorations clean and simple.

Let's face it, decorating for a party is the most fun! The key to throwing a memorable baby shower is presentation. I can't stress it enoughâ"”keep it clean and simple.

Lay a foundation. I like to choose a basic background for my parties. Most of the time, I opt for a clean crisp white. It's classic and I already have a collection of linens, dishes and white entertaining basics that save me money and storage space. Besides, white is sweet and innocentâ"”just like a new baby. For "A Special Delivery" we chose to layer or foundationâ"”starting with white, then with craft wrapping materials and finally with punches of color.

Brown paper packages tied up with string are a great way to build up a buffet or gift table for a "Special Delivery" party. Varying sizes of décor create lots of visual interest. Brown boxes are inexpensive and versatile. Free hand the name of the mother-to-be, the expected arrival date OR the party theme on the brown paper with white acrylic paint. You could even have a raffle for a few prizes and use one of the boxes for guests to enter-to-win.

Pay attention to details. They matterâ"”especially to the shower-going crowd. This means staying within our selected color palette and providing stimulation for all the senses. I think EVERY party should have some fresh flowers (NOTE: I am biased). We used carnations in simple white ramekinsâ"” provides color, lots of tactile texture and a sweet fragrance. Simple, but memorable.

If you think old fashioned crepe paper is just that - old fashioned - think again! Crepe paper comes in a variety of sizes (large wide rolls, your basic 2" twisted streamer variety, and full sheets) and a beautiful assortment of colors. To top it all off, it's also very inexpensive.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do with crepe paperâ"”

1. Make flowers. So easy. Just roll your crepe paper into a snail.

2. Make bowsâ"¦even easier. Cut short lengths of crepe paper, gather in the center and tie together with a piece of thread, string or ribbon.

3. Twist into a polka dot garland.


4. Use rolls of crepe paper to create a backdrop!

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( decorating- party.html)

Crepe paper rolls can be purchased here: http: // GroupID=36623&SubGroupID=36547&ParentGroupID=28044#36547

5. Keep games to a minimum.

In a very NON-scientific poll taken in the workroom of Campus Floral, 99% of those questioned preferred baby showers with NO or very minimal game playing. Guests usually prefer to visit and eat sweet treats. Keep this in mind when you feel stressed to come up with a shower game. Don't worryâ"” your guests will probably love you for it!

If you're opting for popularity and foregoing shower games, consider a few optional activities for your guests to participate in. Since you are celebrating a special delivery, why not provide note cards and envelopes for them to write a sweet note to the mother to beâ"”advice, qualities they admire in her that will make her a good mom, etc.

6. Send home a memory.

Favors are your parting gift to guests thanking them for taking the time to join in the celebration. They should reflect the theme of the party. When designing a favor, keep in mind the number of expected guests and the cost per favor.

Here are a few of our favorites that can be applied to our "Special Delivery" shower and many that have application to any party.

-Fill small craft boxes with cupcakes, bars or the favorite sweet treat of the mother-to-be. -Mini baby bottles are available at most party stores. They're a little cheesy, but fun filled with mints and wrapped with vintage lace.

-Oversized cookies are adorable in windowed cookie boxes (available at Campus Floral). Tie off with a pretty ribbon and you're done!

-Plastic tubes are inexpensive and can be filled with any treat. I like the idea of using things in favors that can be done well in advance. Besides, the plastic tubes are available at Campus Floral ( or www.campuscraftfloral.

-Cotton candy sticks (available at your local party store or online) are adorable when filled with Good & Plenty. They are inexpensive and can be done in advance.

For more great design inspiration, visit Campus Floral in Provo, or online at: Like us on Facebook, and receive information about special promotions and upcoming segments! m/CampusFloral

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