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We regularly spot ideas or products that make us think of you - things that are creative, smart and useful or as we like to say, things that are "so Studio 5".

Studio 5 Executive Producer, Michelle Torsak shares what's in her file right now.

I love to be inspired by the creativity that is abundant on Studio 5. While I don't have the time or talent to tackle everything we do on the show, I'm reminded that I can enrich my life with bite-size projects and ideas. So, when I come across something that could add "simple" joy to my life, I tuck it away in my "So Studio 5" file.

I already know I won't have time to deliver handmade Valentine's to everybody I love, but I can show my husband I love him with a Cool Whip heart on his hot chocolate.

Cool Whip Hearts

I love whipped cream in my hot chocolate, so I think this idea shared by Ashley Phipps of Simply Designing is brilliant. In addition to being brilliant, it's easy. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the wonderful things I could do, this is how I will leave my mark on Valentine's Day.

Click here for how-to instructions.


Free Factory Tours

On a trip to Colorado last year, I toured the Hammond Candies Factory. It was so much fun! So, when I saw this website highlighting the hundreds of free factory tours throughout the country, I knew it was a keeper.

Click here to link to the Factory Tours USA site.

Big Sister/Brother Button

When I came across this idea from the creative sisters at Eighteen25, I melted. As the auntie who has taken older brothers and sisters to the hospital to see the new baby, I recognize the value of this idea. Talk about making the "oldies" feel part of the special occasion.

Click here for full instructions.


Frosting Mixology

This is one of those "why haven't I thought of that" ideas! The amazing girls from A Beautiful Mess share three ways to punch up your basic buttercream frosting recipe. Cookie butter. Nutella. Peanut Butter. Enough said.

Click here to read more.


Valentine Puppets

There are hundreds of darling V-Day card ideas floating around, but I haven't seen anything like this. This is what old-fashioned animation looks like! Available as a FREE download from You Are My Fave, this could be a "special" Valentine for cousins.

Click here for download.


Michelle Torsak

Michelle Torsak is the Executive Producer of Studio 5. She is a devotee of Project Life, McDonald's Diet Coke and Sunday afternoon naps.

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