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Welcoming The New Neighbor

I have to admit. I am a pro after moving 5 times in 6 years! I have been welcomed time and time again by thoughtful neighbors, and wanted to help you find some great ways to bring something than the usual "cookies" to your new friends. Here are five fresh gift ideas your new neighbors will love.

It's "berry" nice to meet you

Strawberry season is underway, so create a darling bucket to say hello and give your neighbor some yummy strawberry themed gifts!

Strawberry seeds (Target dollar section)
Strawberry kitchen towel (Target dollar section)
Strawberry oven mitt (Target dollar section)
Chocolate dipped Strawberries - Zupas Café (
Strawberry Basket - Pebbles in my Pocket

PDF Download tag - Berry

We hope our friendship grows

Because it is spring, it is the perfect time for gardner's. This is a great way to tell your new neighbors that you're excited to be friends as well as neighbors.

Watering Can (Target dollar section)
Tomato Plant (Target dollar section)
Garden Gloves (Target dollar section)
Garden Shovel (Target dollar section)

PDF Grow Blue
PDF Grow Red

Welcome to the town

Sometimes moving to a new community can be overwhelming. What restaurants are best, where are the best parks? Create a cute bag to give information that will help relieve the stress for your new neighbors.

History of City (can be found at your local city building)
City Map with stickers to your favorite locations including parks and trails
Local food (apples from local orchard, candy, local bakery's)
Useable gadgets for kids to keep them occupied while unpacking

PDF - Town

Call if we can lend a hand

It seems like the first thing people need when moving is soap for the dishes, a hammer to hang frames with, a few paper towels " and why not help out the new neighbors with a few supplies to get them through their busy weeks ahead of them!

Meyers Cleaning products (hand soap, dish soap, countertop spray found at Target)
Mara Mi Compact Tool set (from Target)
Paper Towels


Meal while Moving

Moving is a really stressful time, and while packing and unpacking boxes time seems to slip away. Before you know it, your kids are starving and pizza seems to be the only option! Here is a simple basket to help relieve stress from the new move!

Hamburger pre cooked and put into jars
Condiments all in mason jars (cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa,
guacamole, olives)
Box of taco shells
Cookies for dessert!

PDF - Meal

Mandy Douglass

Mandy Douglass is not a stranger when it comes to crafting. Since she was a young girl, her nick-name was Martha! Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, Mandy has used her education in design, teamed up with her years of crafting skills, as a professional in the Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting Industry. She has worked as a Scrapbook Product Designer, and was a Contributing Editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine. She also has a line of flannel fabric dedicated to her two boys! Mandy has a great love for cooking, sewing, the outdoors, and caring for her sweet husband and two boys. They are hoping to adopt another child soon! She is a native of Utah and currently lives in American Fork.

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