After you fall in love, stand in love. The 3 secrets to anchoring your relationship

We fall in love, and some people say they fall out of love. But if that is possible, then it's also viable that we can stand in our love. Dr. Matt Townsend shares what it means to stand in love.

Weight Lifting for Women: A personal trainer busts 4 myths about strength training

Weights can have a negative connotation when it comes to your workout. Lindsey Mathews busts four myths about weight lifting for women. She shares answers to real questions from clients.

How one Utah man turned a ‘problem’ into a passion

Clint Pulver was one of those kids who just couldn’t sit still. While most of his teachers got frustrated with his taps and ticks, one saw through the restlessness. It was that teacher that helped Clint...

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