From the floor to a frame! Here’s a new way to bring pattern into your home…

A good mantle vignette adds a lot to a space. But sometimes you step back and think, "this could really use one more thing..." Put a frame around a tile. Kaycie Chiampi shares how to add this pop of pattern.

Bored with your wardrobe? Freshen up your closet for $25…

Spring is a time to refresh and renew. And you can't get through it without giving your wardrobe a little TLC too. Emily McCormick shares ways to step up your fashion game, without blowing the budget.

Speak Single: What you shouldn’t say to single adults…

You love your single friends. But sometimes chatting can be tricky, knowing whether or not to bring up the relationship topic. Kristin Sokol shares what married folks should should and shouldn't say to singles.

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