countdown to valentine's day

Countdown to Valentine’s Day! 6 activity advents that make you the fun AND festive mom

We countdown to Christmas, why not countdown to Valentine’s Day?

The kids don’t need more candy and treats at Valentines, but you might feel good about giving them more time and attention. One mom chose to make kids date night a big deal starting in February, and she gave it a creative twist.

Celeste Whitney shares her newest Valentine’s tradition: the Valentine Activity Advent.

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Celeste Whitney is a former Studio 5 creative contributor with a flair for a homemade way to make things beautiful. She is always drawn to a project that no one else is doing – making her crafts and DIYs totally innovative and intriguing. Celeste is a home school mom, who has a flair for elevating the everyday in simple ways. Find and follow Celeste on Instagram @sevenloops.

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