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Gift your graduate with a graduation lei! Here’s how to make one at home

Make a graduation lei for your grad at home!

College graduations are upon us, with high schools not far behind. For these celebrations of achievement, one island tradition has infused itself into American culture. It is the giving and wearing of a Hawaiian lei at graduation. It’s a gift you can easily make. So, layer them on, and love-up your graduate.

Wendy Benson shares how you can make a braided ribbon lei.

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Wendy grew up in retail life and thoroughly enjoys the hustle and bustle of it. She loves her clients like her family. This has led her to creating a number of different companies including, jewelry design, custom framing design, and creating custom ribbon bundles for front doors wreaths. She is a woman of all trades. She loves spending time with her family, which includes one son, one daughter, a daughter in law and an amazing supportive husband. Follow along at UtahSpoolHouse on Instagram or her website at

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