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How to Haunt a Library: These 3 spooky effects would make Edgar Allan Poe proud

Haunt a library (or a bookshelf) at your house with some spooky effects.

If any room in your house should be haunted, it’s the library. Or office, or even a humble bookshelf. Layer on the creepy with some DIYs, some spooky finds, and your space will transform into a haunted haven.

Cami Archer shares all the little details that make a convincing haunted library. Add a cloche to anything and it looks like it’s on display! Cami puts glass cloches over rats and snakes to make a spooky scene. She also shares how to make cool transparency orbs to put on candlesticks.

Find more fun ideas from Cami on Instagram, @honeybees_and_hollyhocks.

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