love at home

Love at Home: 5 ways to create a blessed feeling in your space

We all want our kids to feel like home is a safe space to be. It’s a big responsibility, so what’s the best way to do it? You can make home a place your children want to come back to with the acronym “BLESS.”

Dr. Matt Townsend shares five ways you can create love at home. These strategies will help your space be a place of love and safety.

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  • Great show. One of my favorites part is when Matt talks about unconditional love. The concept of unconditional love has been around here in the US for a few years already, but many people still are not aware of it. I assume Matt read about unconditional love somewhere and decided to incorporate it as a practice to treat his patients. This is a great idea. I first learned about unconditional love when I listened to a YouTube video by teal swan. Being loved without conditions is for sure the key to happy home.

  • It’s interesting that Matt mentioned that his workshop for Valentine’s Day is going to help us become our higher self. The higher self is a concept from new age religion. I still think is great he is incorporating this to help people because it totally makes sense and works. The same as unconditional love that is also a concept of new age religion. New age religions has been influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism and their teachings are great to incorporate to any practice. Good job Matt in keeping up to date and being willing to try new things and bring change. Very opened minded.