Miki Eberhardt

Miki Eberhardt is excited to join Studio 5 this year as the new Health & Wellness Contributor. A registered dietitian for over 15 years, an advocate for intuitive eating, and president of the proverbial “Diets Don’t Work Club,” Miki has been a voice of reason as a guest on Studio 5 for the past few years. She strives to help women and teens find confidence in kicking diet culture to the curb and learning to become the best stewards of their own bodies.

Born and raised in Utah, Miki graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and completed her Dietetic Internship through UCLA. She has worked with a wide variety of clients in every area from clinical nutrition to sports nutrition to worksite wellness as an educator, coach, and advocate. Her experience with such a diverse group of individuals has helped to shape her unique nutrition philosophy.

Miki is married to Jonathan and the mother of three awesome kids: one in elementary, one in junior high, and one in high school. An avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, Miki loves to experiment with various foods that help her body feel good and sustain her energy over time. She also enjoys yoga, TRX, and group fitness. On any typical day, you could find Miki listening to a good podcast, planning for a new travel destination, brushing up on her once fluent Japanese, or getting schooled in pickleball.