Unusual Evergreens

Horticulturist, Jerry Goodspeed explains how to add color, texture and beauty to yard with unique and unusual evergreens.

Check out Jerry Goodpseed’s list of unique and unusual evergreens:

1.Blue Atlas Cedar – Blue color, more open than a blue spruce.

2. Weeping blue Atlas Cedar – Weeps or grows different patterns.

3. Cedar of Lebanon – Tall stately tree. Deep green. large. Teirs of limbs, growth.

4. Bosnian pine – smaller more open pine. 15 to 25 feet.

5. Columnar Scots pine – only 4 to 5 feet wide, very upright, 20 to 30 feet tall.

6. Deodara cedar – very stately, upright. open when older. 40 to 70 feet tall. Golden variety.

7. Arizona Cypress – Wonderful blue color, water wise, 20 to 30 feet tall, nice form.

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