10 Tips For a Sizzling Summer Garage Sale

Marilyn Bohn with Get it Together Organizing explains successful tips for a summer garage sale.

1. Make sure everything is prepared and ready to sell the night before. The morning of the sale is too late to prepare, people will be there bright and early to start buying. If you can, have a street or neighborhood group sale.

2. Have good advertisements. KSL.com or Craig’slist are the best places for an internet ad. Also, make good signs directing people where the sale is- Only put the address and arrow pointing to the direction of the location on the posters.

3. Identify who is selling: Wear a bright apron, hat, or a tag saying “I Work Here”.

4. Price EVERYTHING, people don’t like to have to ask how much something costs. Buy colored dots and make sure to put them on everything. If you are selling everything in a certain area all for the same price, on a table or in a box, have a sign saying: “Everything in This Box is $”. If you don’t want to put the price on every sticker, make a BIG poster with the color of sticker and the corresponding price. Have a couple of these posted in prominent places:

• (Yellow Sticker) $1.00

• (Blue Sticker) .25 cents

• (Green Sticker) .50 cents

5. Don’t guilt the buyer and don’t follow customers around. Never say it’s never been used, and don’t price based on sentimentality. The buyer doesn’t care that it is important to you.

6. Have good deals so people will want to buy.

7. Have some free items- Call them “freebies/help yourself.”

8. Hang up clothes. Two heavy ladders that support the ends of a bar make a sturdy clothing rack. Or try a clothes line strung between trees.

9. Have plenty of change- Start the day with $10.00 in quarters and $20.00 in one dollar bills.

10. Decide a time that you want the sale to be over. At that time you can make everything free, or you can reduce everything to 75% off, or even have shopping bags and everything they can fit into the bag is $1.00. This will reduce the amount of things you will have to cart off to the local charity.

Remember to have fun, and if you play your cards right you will have a successful sizzling garage sale! Good Luck!!

For more information contact:

Marilyn Bohn

801-898-7616 or info@marilynbohn.com


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