101 Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters

Party & Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter lists 101 things you can make with cookie cutters, and the options are endless!

You may never again look at cookie cutters the same way twice!

1. Use metal cookie cutters as a mold to cook pancakes in or to cut pancake shapes.

2. Use a cookie cutter to cut biscuit or breadstick dough.

3. Create toast cutouts using cutters.

4. Cut sandwiches into creative shapes.

5. Cut cheese slices.

6. Use mini cutters to cut pepperoni into shapes for pizza or salads.

7. Place mini cutters on top of cupcakes for décor and a favor.

8. Cut out tortillas into shapes and bake or deep fry to create tortilla chips.

9. Use cookie cutters as ornaments on a Christmas tree. Embellish and decorate them if desired.

10. Fill cutters with chocolate mixed with nuts, candies, dried fruits, etc.

11. Use to cut crispy rice type treats.

12. Stencil around cutters with ink or acrylic paint onto plain paper to make gift wrap.

13. Tie cookie cutters together to make a garland for a holiday or to spell a word.

14. Use for a simple napkin ring.

15. Stack cookie cutters in a glass jar for instant décor.

16. Use to cut clay or Play-Doh shapes.

17. Use as a stencil for cutting photos.

18. Use to trace shapes for coloring or to make a coloring booklet.

19. Trace around cutters on construction paper or cardstock to make your own die-cut type shapes.

20. Make a hanging mobile from various sizes of cookie cutters.

21. Glue onto sticks to make plant pokes.

22. Cookie cutters make fun sandbox toys, especially bright plastic colored ones.

23. Glue onto a stick and use as a bubble wand.

24. Make fudge cut-outs or fill with fudge.

25. Use as a mold for paper mache shapes.

26. Use cookie cutters to cut homemade soap shapes or as soap molds.

27. Use to make salt dough shapes.

28. Trace around cookie cutters and cut sponges for fun bathtub toys.

29. Make crayon shapes. Simply wrap with foil and place on a cookie sheet. Place broken crayons inside and melt.

30. Press a cookie cutter lightly into a frosted cake to create a stencil to follow for decorating.

31. Dip a cookie cutter in paint or ink and stamp with it.

32. Use cookie cutters as a favor – attach a recipe or tag on it.

33. Use a cookie cutter as a place card. Write a name on it with a permanent marker or attach a nametag.

34. Use to cut gelatin shapes.

35. Cut sheet cakes to make individual cakes or a petit four base.

36. Fill with candy and wrap with cellophane and tie closed.

37. Use tiny cookie cutters to cut small butter shapes from slices of butter.

38. Fill with confetti for a party or New Years celebration and tie closed.

39. Fill with Plaster of Paris to make a paperweight.

40. Use as a mold to create candles.

41. Use as a pattern to create simple shapes from fabric or felt for sewing projects.

42. Decorate a tiny metal cutter with jewels and bling and attach to a ribbon to create a necklace or earrings.

43. Fill with potpourri, wrap with net and tie with a ribbon. Place in a drawer.

44. Fry an egg inside of a cookie cutter sitting on a flat griddle.

45. Use to make chocolate cutouts. Spread melted chocolate on wax paper and when chocolate is slightly set, cut shape. Let set up completely and remove chocolate shapes to be used to embellish desserts.

46. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of a pumpkin. Hammer the cutter to help push it through if needed.

47. Use cutters to cut veggies such as peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, etc.

48. Cut out brownie shapes.

49. Make cut outs for a pie crust.

50. Use to cut fruit, apple slices, pineapple, watermelon, etc. use these shapes to garnish food or drink.

51. Use to make melon and fruit cutouts for a fruit bouquet.

52. Cut out ice cream and place between cookies to create an ice cream sandwich.

53. Tie a cookie cutter to the top of a gift.

54. Trace cookie cutters to make paper shapes and mount on sticks to make a bouquet for a centerpiece or gift.

55. Use as a weight to hold bouquets of balloons. Coordinate the cutter to the holiday or event.

56. Make a suncatcher. Simply cover the back of a cookie cutter with layers of colored tissue paper.

57. Place simple cookie cutter shapes in a bucket and create matching flashcards for children to match and learn with.

58. Use as a photo frame.

59. Use as a pattern to make gift cards or tags.

60. Use as a stencil to make shapes from shrink plastic.

61. Hang on ribbons from a chandelier or light fixture during holidays.

62. Use cookie cutters for patterns for embroidery or stitchery work.

63. Hang on walls or place along a kitchen shelf for some fun décor. Vintage metal type cookie cutters look nice framed in a shadow box.

64. Cut shapes from fondant for cookies or cakes.

65. Use as a pattern to cut non-slip shapes for bathtub grips.

66. Use as a pattern to create vinyl window or wall clings.

67. Make a wind chime using cookie cutters.

68. Make fruit pops. Cut out watermelon or other fruits with a cookie cutter, place on a stick and freeze.

69. Hang from or tie onto a garland or wreath.

70. Use as a custard or sticky rice mold.

71. Attach small cookie cutters to a drawer to function as a drawer knob or pull.

72. Create refrigerator magnets using cookie cutters.

73. Use cookie cutters as tiny serving containers for a meal or party.

74. Use as a creative backpack zipper pull.

75. Use to mold ice.

76. Cut out scones or doughnut dough.

77. Sew mini cookie cutters to the edge or hem of a kitchen curtain.

78. Tie a party invite to a cookie cutter.

79. Spray paint and glitter cookie cutters and hang from the ceiling, tie to ribbons, etc. to create holiday décor. Bats, spiders, hearts and shamrocks are good shape choices for this idea.

80. Use as a stencil to cut shapes and letters for school posters and projects.

81. Fill a metal cookie cutter with coins and wrap with cellophane for a gift. Cute for a child.

82. A plastic set of cookie cutters makes great pretend kitchen toys for young girls.

83. Use a cutter as a stencil for sidewalk chalk or as a mold to create your own sidewalk chalk.

84. Use to cut puff pastry.

85. Use a cookie cutter as a small planter. Cover bottom with heavy foil and fill with soil or place in the top of a pot with soil. Plant seeds (grass, alfalfa or wheat seeds work great for this) making sure to spread to all corners of cutter. Cover with soil and let grow. Very cute in the shape of an Easter egg, heart or shamrock.

86. Use a cookie cutter as a stencil to cut denim patches for jeans.

87. Cookie cutters make great molds for homemade hard candy.

88. Use a cookie cutter to cut waffle shapes.

89. Use cookie cutters to make tiny tarts or pies.

90. Use to make cookie lollipops.

91. Use tiny cutters to cut fruit leather or fruit roll type candy for embellishing cakes or cookies.

92. Attach a star cutter (or other shape) onto the end of a dowel stick. Glitter, paint and add ribbons and jewels to create a princess fairy wand.

93. Cut shapes from angel food cake slices for fancy desserts.

94. Use a cookie cutter to mold hamburger patties.

95. Use larger cutters to shape pizza crusts.

96. Place cookie cutters on a cake and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Remove the cutter and the shape will be left behind.

97. Play a party game using cookie cutters. Place a variety of fun shaped cookie cutters in a bag. Have guests sit in a circle and pull out a cutter. They must start (or add several lines) to a story using that shape of cutter in the story.

98. Use a cookie cutter to cut wallpaper shapes for home décor.

99. Attach cookie cutters on the ends of a curtain rod for décor. Cute in a kitchen.

100. Place several cookie cutters in a drawer. Use them to hold small items for organization. Glue in place if needed.

101. String colorful plastic cookie cutters together to use as a toy for a toddler.

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