2010 Spa Trends

Esthetician Kari Romney has the scoop on what’s hot at the spa.

According to ISPA (International Spa Association) President, Lynne McNees:

“Since the economic downturn, the consumer is more educated than ever before when it comes to value and investing in themselves. They expect a return on their investment, and they aren’t falling for any tricks or gimmicks. They want tangible results and information that will improve their quality of life.”

2010 ISPA Spa Trends:

1. Booking Online: It’s becoming increasingly common to book, cancel and re-book your spa appointment right on line.

2. Customer Service: Consumers are more aware of every penny spent, and with that comes higher expectations on the level of service they receive. Spas are beginning to offer discounts and rewards for frequent visits to their spa, including monthly promotions.

3. Simplified Spa Menus: You will notice fewer treatment options because spas are focusing on the core of their business: results-oriented treatments with no-frill options devoted to giving you a return on your investment.

4. Spa Sampling Menu: Many spas now offer mini treatments, allowing you to try something at a lower price point and decide if you like it.

5. Preventive Care: According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 the top five diseases will all have the underlying contributing factor of stress. Spa treatments such as massages, acupuncture and meditation have been proven to aid in stress reduction and recovery time for pre- and post-op patients.

6. Beauty Rest: Catching zzz’z in our sleep deprived society has never been harder. A spa experience makes rest a priority by offering treatments targeted to get you some shut eye. You can now actually book time to sleep at the spa or stay after a treatment to nap when you’re feeling relaxed.

7. Giving Back / Spa Partnership: Spas are reaching out to the consumers within their backyards by offering promotions and free services to people who serve the community such as teachers, hospice workers, and military personnel. Some spas are are offering classes on Skin Health and Healthy Lifestyles to help educate the consumer. Others are teaming up with local Health organizations, and hospitals.

8. Spa Partnerships: By joining a healthclub, you could also get discounts from the local spa.

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