diy nesting dolls

Not an artist? Here are 3 adorable DIY nesting dolls for non-artsy people

Patterned after Russian Matroyshkas, nesting dolls are a familiar figurine in decor circles. And toy circles, if we’re being honest! Have you ever thought of making your own? Not from the ground up, but just adding in your own creative features. Even if you don’t fancy yourself an artist, there are some super simple ways you can DIY nesting dolls.

Liz Welker shares three ways you can craft your own nesting dolls. She uses vinyl, chalk pens, and paint pens. All methods that leave a little room for error, just in case!

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DIY Nesting Dolls Supply List

Blank Dolls, $14.99

Chalkboard Paint, $14.49

Paint Pens, $10-$20

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