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3 Valentine’s Reads to Help You Feel the February Love

Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, we have three great books you’re going to want to check out. Whether you want to enjoy a love story, or better learn to love yourself, you can’t go wrong with this month’s featured books.

Melissa Dalton Martinez, host and reviewer of the Book Break, shares her recommendations.

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  1. “My Fair Assassin,” Paranormal Misfits Book 1 by CJ Anaya

My first recommendation is “My Fair Assassin,” the first of the Paranormal Misfits series by CJ Anaya, which blends romance with urban fantasy and political intrigue of the fae court. It would be mind-blowing enough for any teenage orphan in San Diego to discover their connection to a hidden magical world—let alone find out that their soulmate is also their would-be assassin…

This book is the perfect combination of a heart-warming romance with heart-pounding suspense. Readers will love the family of characters, the humor, the adventure, and the tasteful swoon-worthy romance that is appropriate for teens and up. “My Fair Assassin” is the first of 6 books available in the Paranormal Misfits series and I highly recommend it, especially if you also like to read series.


  1. “Beyond the Lavender Fields” by Arlem Hawks

My next recommendation is “Beyond the Lavender Fields” by Arlem Hawks, a historical romance from Shadow Mountain Press, about a love that blooms in the shadow of the French Revolution. Take a journey to 1792 Marseilles with a Parisian royalist escaping the turmoil of the nation’s capital, who soon discovers the conflict is neither confined to Paris nor black-and-white when she meets a local revolutionary. The idea that “opposites attract” is put to the test as the main characters get to know each other, and interactions that began tense grow more tender. But as the waves of revolution bring violence to Marseilles, both loyalty and love will be tested.

I love that both characters are forced to confront and question their long-held beliefs, making the story a more real-feeling Romeo and Juliet narrative. Arlem Hawks is certainly a talented period romance writer; be sure to check out “Beyond the Lavender Fields” and the rest of her novels.

  1. “Living the Law of Hard Easy Workbook: A Get-Real Workbook for Getting the Life You Want” by Arthur F. Coombs III

My final recommendation is “Living the Law of Hard Easy Workbook: A Get-Real Workbook for Getting the Life You Want.” This is a self-help workbook by Arthur F. Coombs, which is an excellent book to get a fire going under you as you continue working toward your new year’s resolutions.

“Hard Easy: A Get-Real Guide for Getting the Life You Want” is a book about achieving goals and overcoming mindset obstacles, with some great chapters like “The Top Excuses of All Time” or “The Five Friends You Need and the Five Friends You Need to Avoid.” What really sets “Hard Easy” apart from other self-help books is the accompanying workbook, which makes this reading experience an active, life-changing workshop.

Valentine’s Day is not just about loving others; with “Hard Easy,” even as you learn the value of delayed gratification, you will be showing yourself love by moving closer to the life you want to live.

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