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5 of the Best Spring Photo Locations Without the Crowds

You’ll have these spring photo locations all to yourself!

It’s hard to beat the springtime magic at the Utah State Capitol this time of year. Rows and rows of cherry blossom trees make for a romantic path line, and a prime photo spot. But if you want a fresh scene without the crowds, there are plenty of other amazing spring locations spread across the state.

Photographer Kayla Trujillo lays out her five favorite spring photo locations.

Kayla Trujillo is the owner of Truly Photography. For more information visit: trulyphotographyut.com or @kayla.trulyphotography.


5 Spring Photo Locations

The cherry blossoms at the Utah State Capitol are iconic and a beautiful location for family pictures, but the paths are packed with people! Here are some other spring photo locations worthy of your camera…without the crowds.

Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River Parkway is a great option for spring family pictures. The trail is full of beautiful green olive trees and long green grasses that just scream spring. And it’s a location that I hardly ever run into other photographers in, which is awesome!

Pro Photo Tip: I recommend using trailheads to find great spots along the trail. Look for spots with pretty backlighting – meaning the sun is behind the trees and is filtering the light on the back of your subject(s).


Fruit Orchards

There are tons of orchards in Payson, Provo, Alpine, Kaysville, and Brigham city. The Orchards typically allow photographers for a small fee and with an appointment. Orchards typically bloom later than the capitol blossoms and are less busy because there is a cost/scheduling barrier.

Pro Photo Tip: Orchard light can be tricky and can get dark fast. I like shooting about 2-3 hours before sunset to keep the tones bright and make sure that the trees are blocking the light. I also recommend watching where the shadows of the branches fall, so that they are not on the faces of your subject(s).


Lilac Bushes

Lilac bushes typically bloom around Mother’s Day in Salt Lake and Utah County and can very often be found in parks or alongside the road. The colors are beautiful to photograph and the pretty blooms scream spring.

Pro Photo Tip: I love getting creative with lilac bushes. Shoot with the bushes to behind your subject, but also try having your subject with their shoulders in the bushes to create a pretty frame with the flowers.


The Salt Air

The Salt Air is located in Magna and is one of my favorite locations year round. It’s huge, so there’s tons of space for everyone to spread out and the light is just beautiful in the spring. It’s a great neutral location that looks great throughout the entire year.

Pro Photo Tip: The salt air is my favorite location in Utah, but it can be tricky to learn to shoot at because it is a “full sun light location.” I recommend shooting no more than 1 hour before sunset and shooting with your subject(s) at about a 60 degree angle to the sun. This will help create even light across their faces.


Along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail or Herriman Trails

The trails along the hills in the valley offer beautiful mountain views and easy access. In the spring the grasses are light green and really pretty. I typically recommend shooting on the trails before snake season, so spring is perfect!

Pro Photo Tip: This is typically another full sun or harsher sun location. Try to use rocks and trees to block the light until the sun tucks behind the peak, then have your subjects side light or face where the sun would be to get really bright and pretty tones.

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