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5 bucks, 6 projects! How to make felt Valentine’s crafts on the cheap

Felt Valentine’s crafts aren’t only cute, they’re inexpensive!

With today’s prices, it’s rare – but for under five bucks, you can make six Valentine’s craft projects from felt. The fray-free fabric is just what you need for a fresh batch of heart décor. These simple projects are vintage-inspired.

Cami Packer shares six felt projects for Valentine’s Day.

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6 Felt Valentine’s Crafts

This time of year, I’m ready to make some crafts involving pink and red and hearts! Many of us don’t go all-out for this holiday, but it’s fun to just have a touch or two of Valentines around the house. My favorite crafts are the ones that are simple, quick, and inexpensive. Felt is the classic craft supply that checks all of these boxes!

I’ve found that the key to successful felt craft projects is stiffening the felt. Felt sheets from the store are floppy and can be hard to work with, but this trick gives you felt that holds its shape, is easy to cut and work with, and will make your project turn out much better!


Stiffening the felt:

Make a solution in a foil pan of one part Elmer’s school glue to about two parts water. Mix well. The mixture should have enough glue that it’s white, but enough water that it’s thin. Dip both sides of the felt sheet in the glue mixture, and squeeze the excess out of the felt back into the pan. Make sure every corner of the felt is wet with the glue mixture. Lay flat to dry, about 24 hours. This process is worth the end result!


Once our felt is stiffened and dry, we’re ready to make some Valentine crafts! These are all crafts that can be made in an afternoon, during naptime, or with the kids.


Craft #1:

Felt heart garland: very simple project with stiffened felt hearts hot glued to gingham ribbon


Craft #2:

Felt valentine envelope garland: a white felt rectangle with one pointed end, folded up to look like an envelope, hot glued with a red/pink heart, glued to jute


Craft #3:

Vintage-style felt pennant banners: can be embroidered or use a freezer paper stencil, cut into pennant shape, add the felt ends and ties, tie to a dowel


Craft #4:

Valentine bouquet: X’s, O’s and hearts cut from felt and glued to a dowel, added to vintage valentines printed out to create a “bouquet”


Craft #5:

Felt Cupid’s arrows: two felt hearts glued together with a dowel in the middle, a fat chevron shape for the end of the arrow glued, cut the fringe


Craft #6:

Valentine branches: cut branches from outside, arrange in a container, glue on little felt hearts

Cami Packer is a wife and mother of five. She loves thrifting, baking, and simple traditions with her family. She believes in the joy and influence of homemaking, and that ALL of us are homemakers regardless of age, gender, employment status, or family circumstance. 

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