5 Secrets of Happy Moms

A recent study by three leading universities found being a parent makes
you a happier person. But, just in case you’re having a down day, read on
for a few secrets that could make the job more enjoyable!

Therapist Julie Hanks, with Wasatch Family Therapy, shares five secrets of
happy moms.

Secret #1: Take Time for Yourself
An hour away, a night out with girlfriends – make sure you save some time
to call your own. Take time to recharge and take better care of those you

Secret #2: Find Meaning in the Mundane
Whether you’re a stay at home mom, or working part-time or full-time,
finding a greater purpose in the day-to-day tasks can add more joy to your

Secret #3: Remember Your Marriage
Taking time to nurture your marriage or love relationship is important to
maintaining happiness. Regular date nights and nightly emotional check-in
time with your partner add to a sense of closeness and intimacy.

Secret #4: Take Care of Your Health
Physically healthy people are generally happier. A pattern of physical
activity, good nutrition, and regular sleep patterns not only helps improve
your mood and outlook but it also provides your family with a positive
example of a healthy lifestyle.

Secret #5: Have a Daily “Get To”
Raising a child can be so overwhelming and all-consuming that it’s easy to
let your talents and hobbies fall by the wayside. Holding on to at least on
talent, activity, interest, can help you remember that you’re a individual, in
addition to being a mother.