5 Things to Let Go

When we let go of destructive patterns we create room for love, appreciation and growth. We live a fuller and more meaningful life and we aren’t weighed down by the trivial.

Director of Wasatch Family Therapy, Holly Willard share five things we should all let go.

1. Let go of trying to control people or situations we can’t control: We can’t change anyone but ourselves. When we worry about things we can’t control it produces anxiety and depression.

2. Let go of negative self-talk: I teach children to stand up to bullies but many of the times we bully ourselves. We would never allow a friend to say the things we say to ourselves. Negative self-talk fuels depression and poor self-esteem.

3. Let go what if, should have and why me: When we live in the past, we are not able to enjoy the present. Radical acceptance is loving what is. When we argue with reality we lose and we experience suffering. We cannot change what has happened only learn from it.

4. Let go of emotional pain: Emotional pain is similar to physical pain; it’s an alarm that something is wrong. When we ignore the alarm, the emotional pain comes out in other areas: sleeping problems, eating problems, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. The fear of being hurt again can stop you from being fully engaged in relationships.

5. Let go of trying to please others: We can’t please everyone and the harder we try the further we move from our true self. We lose what we want to what we think others want us to be, which changes constantly. Pleasing others creates resentment and confusion. We perform duties out of obligation instead of love.

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