5 Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

It’s the must-have accessory in every room.
Studio 5 Design Contributor Lauren Oviatt shows us 5 ways to decorate with mirrors

Wall decor is one of the most important and impactful design elements in a home. Framed art and photographs are great, but there has to be variety in design to keep things interesting. Enter: mirrors. Beyond their obvious light-reflecting qualities, mirrors are a smart and fashionable choice for wall decor in any (and every!) room. There are many varying styles like sunburst mirrors, antique mirrors, Venetian mirrors and more. To make the most of the mirrors in your space, here’s my advice for getting the size, style and placement just right, starting with the five mirrors you should be shopping for.


This is great for adding shape and dimension to a space. Oftentimes, sunburst mirrors will be convex – which is even more fun. They add dynamic interest and a chic sensibility to any space.
Use it – above your bed or fireplace
Sunburst Mirror, Home Depot, $40


This floating or climbing wall display is for the adventuresome free spirit. The way these mirrors are displayed turns the feature into an art piece instead of just a stagnant mirror. It helps light travel around the room and is great for filling large, vast walls that would otherwise be empty.
Use it – in your two story staircase
Circle Mirror Set, Target, $20


A classic staple, everyone should have a large mirror in their home. Like a good chest of drawers, there will always be a spot for a lovely, well-appointed mirror. Round or rectangle, fancy or streamlined, this type of mirror looks fabulous in spaces where it can reflect near lamplight or chandelier light.
Use it – above your buffet in a dining room or entry.


You can only have so many mirrors in your home before people think you have a vanity problem. But on the flip side, you’ll tire of having art and frames hung all over your home. All homes need the variety of different things hung on the walls, especially in the now-trendy open concept floor plans. A pair of anything is great in my book (maybe because I was born a twin!) but in this case – you have the value of the light reflecting mirror without the statement a large mirror makes alone.
Use it – one mounted above the other in a powder room or at the end of a hallway.


When nothing else will do, it’s time to take your love for mirrors wall to wall. I have done this in my own home and have loved the result every moment since.

Nothing enhances a room’s architecture like applied paneling and moldings (crown molding, coffers, etc) and to take it one step further, mirrors inside those panels are nothing short of dramatic!
Use it – in a more formal space like a front living room or behind your bed in the master bedroom.

Lauren Oviatt is a designer with Oviatt Design, 826 West Shepard Lane, Farmington.

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