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5 Doable Ways to Make Your Pantry a Dream Pantry

You’ve likely swooned over an organized pantry picture in your day. What if you got that same feeling when you look in your own pantry? It might seem like a lot of work, but these five tips make it a totally doable task.

Tracy Bowers shares how to turn your cluttered pantry into a dream pantry. She shares five investments that are totally worth it.

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5 Ways to Create Your Dream Pantry

Contain All Boxed and Packaged Food

Re-contain boxed and packaged foods. Put them in clear containers so you can see them. Do this with anything you would keep in an open package, like flour, sugar, rice, pasta, snacks that come in boxes, etc. That way, they are sealed and stay fresh.


8 Piece Airtight Container Set with 18 Chalkboard Labels, $36.99


OXO Good Grips 5 Piece Set, $49.91


Invest in Turn Tables

These are a game changer. They go in the pesky corners where things often get lost. Put them on higher shelves and turn it to see what is in the back. Turn tables are good for jars, oils, vinegars, etc. They are space efficient and things aren’t getting lost anymore. Make sure to measure your pantry shelves to see how deep they are.


Non-Skid Pantry Lazy Susan, $7.19


Create Levels and Layers

Work your vertical space and layer things. Tracy’s absolute favorite pantry gadget is this mega tiered shelf. It’s deep, so you can stack things and see what you have. Put things in rows and you can see what you’re running low on.


Large Expand-A-Shelf, $14.99


Designate a Home for “Like” Items

Baskets are good for housing “like” items. Take packaged snacks, for example. Things like individual chips, fruit snacks, etc. Take them out of the boxes and put the bags into the basket. They you are able to see what you have or don’t have.


Rattique Storage Baskets, $21.27


Use Labels

Find pantry labels online. Search for chalkboard labels and write on them with chalk pens. Find a friend who can write pretty. If you have pretty handwriting, all the better!

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