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Sensitive skin in the summer? Pay attention to your detergent and SPF routine!

We know sunscreen is essential in the summer months, but do you know just how essential? Even if you’re not spending the day in the sun, SPF is still an important part of your skincare routine and may need to be applied more frequently than you think.

Studio Le Clair Esthetician, Bree Devenport, shares tips for how often you should be applying sunscreen and why your detergent choice and how you clean your clothes matters too. With all that UV exposure and risk of skin burn and irritations, Bree recommends using a detergent that’s free from dyes and fragrance, and gentle on skin. Find out more about why Tide Free & Gentle is her top pick for skin health, especially in the summer.

For more information, click here. Find Bree on Instagram, @studioleclair.

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