8 Craft Supplies No One Should Live Without

As a crafter whether you’re a rookie or a pro, there are a few products you
simply shouldn’t live without. Studio 5 Contributor Alison Faulkner shares
her ultimate guide for what supplies we should have on hand at all times.

1. A Starter Jewelry Kit
If you’re looking to make a few pairs of earrings, a necklace, or even fix
some jewelery you have on hand, you’ll be so glad you have this! It comes
with a good mix of earring backs, jump rings, i-pins, and clasps.

2. Round Hole Puncher
I use this to make tags & cards. Also for stickers and banners!

3. Self Healing Cutting Mat

WHY YOU WANT IT: Self Healing Cutting Mats come in all shapes and sizes.
I own a large one for pattern making, and smaller ones for cutting out
freezer paper stencils and jewelry making.

WHEN TO USE IT: When not to use it? You almost can’t use an Xacto knife or
rotary cutter without one. It will save your table and your tools.

4. Rotary Cutter

WHY YOU WANT IT: You want one of these suckers if you’re into cutting
straight lines. You can use it on fabric or paper, to cut out patterns or to
cut out cards.

WHEN TO USE IT: As you can see on my fringe necklace the rotary cutter is
key. You CAN use scissors, but using a rotary cutter is much nicer.

5. Acrylic Ruler

WHY YOU WANT IT: These are the preferred rulers of quilters. They offer
super visibility when you need precise measurements. I have them in a
variety of sizes. These are the rulers you want to use with your rotary
cutter. You can also use one as a bone folder or for working with clay.

6. Baker’s Twine

WHY YOU WANT IT: Baker’s Twine had a huge resurgence in popularity a
few years back. Since then it has become widely available in a variety of
colors. I find it useful for adding a punch of style to many projects. It’s
relatively inexpensive and comes in bulk. You will quickly be able to wrap
up baked goods, gifts & cards if you have some of this on hand.

7. Embroidery Needle

WHY YOU WANT IT: You often need a larger needle to add a bit of detail
with thicker string, and if you don’t sew the odds are you don’t have these
on hand. Even if you do sew, you may only have smaller needles like those
found in a small sewing kit. And that’s just too bad! Especially if you want
to add Baker’s Twine to a project! I love Crewel needles, I think they are the
perfect size, but a set of embroidery needles will work as well.

WHEN TO USE IT: They are especially useful for stringing Baker’s Twine

8. Cheap Paint Brushes

WHY YOU WANT THEM: These are just SO USEFUL! I love them for their
obvious uses, water coloring, & applying acrylic or fabric paint. But they are
especially helpful if you are applying glue to a project or doing any sort of
collage. You don’t have to worry about ruining an expensive brush!

WHEN TO USE THEM: I used cheap paint brushes to apply the the glue on
my No-Sew Leather Pouch, and on my hip refrigerator magnets. You can
use them with fabric paint or acrylic paint!

9. E-6000

WHY YOU WANT IT: A hot glue gun is a much-needed tool and will take
your far. But if you’re ready to graduate…this is some powerful stuff! So be
warned. I have a few different strong glues, but this one is the most

WHEN TO USE IT:If you really want something to stick, USE THIS GLUE.
Especially if you are making magnets. Hot glue will not work.

10: Sticky Dots

WHY YOU WANT THEM: They are little double-sided adhesive circles. They
are smaller and faster to use than tape, and stronger.

WHEN TO USE THEM: These are perfect for attaching tags, or attaching
small details like I did on the bunny cup.

Alison Faulkner
Blog: Sheblogssheblogs.com
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