A Better Bow for the Holidays

Most holiday projects will have you reaching for a bow. This is one you can use in any situation.

Kari Fiagle shares a decorator bow that anyone can tie.

Find Kari on Instagram @clockworkdesign.

Bow Tying Instructions

To make a medium-sized bow, you’ll need:

  • Base ribbon. 1 yd. A thinner ribbon (1 ½-inch wide or less) works best until you get more confident.
  • Texture ribbon. 2 or 3 strips, each about 9-inches long.
  • Plain ribbon. 2 or 3 strips, each about 12-inches long.
  • Pattern ribbon. 2 or 3 strips, each about 12-inches long.

Wrap your base ribbon around your item. Cinch it together one time, just as you would for the first step of tying your shoelaces. Layer shorter lengths of ribbon over the base where it is cinched, placing at different angles. Alternate placing ribbons laid flat, then ribbons laid as a loop. Each time, positioning at different angles. Hold all together with your fingers. To complete, tie a standard shoelace-style bow over all, cinching all pieces tightly together. Fluff and arrange short pieces and loops.

After you feel comfortable using this recipe, get creative with lengths and types of ribbons!

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