A Creative Twist: The Ancient Art of Tai Chi

Master Lu with Master Lu’s Health Center breaks down this unique exercise form.

Tai Chi Description

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise and martial art designed to improve physical fitness, balance, and unify body and mind. It originated in China over 3,000 years ago, and is not only practiced in China but by millions around the world. There are different styles of Tai Chi and the form that we practice is Old Yang Style. It consists of 108 movements that are done in a sequence. It takes around 30 -40 minutes to complete the Tai Chi sequence or form. The movements in Tai Chi are martial art movements done slowly and is considered meditative and helps build the internal energy within the body. Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as “walking meditation.”

Benefits of Tai Chi

There are many benefits of Tai Chi. Some of the benefits of Tai Chi include balance, stress reduction, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, strengthening, improves memory, and self-defense. Recently, there have been studies done where Tai Chi has improved the balance among seniors and decreased falls by 50%. There are other studies that have shown how Tai Chi has improved the immune system and has decreased the incidence of shingles. Recently there was an article in the US news about a study that was done where they studied Tai Chi , Yoga, and Pilates for balance. They found that Tai Chi and Pilates were better than Yoga to improve balance. Students after practicing Tai Chi will see decrease in stress, increased flexibility and coordination, better cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and balance, and more balance in their lives.

How Tai Chi is practiced

A typical class will consist of warm up exercises, basics, and the Tai Chi form. In group classes everyone will do everything together regardless of level, then after practicing the Tai Chi form everyone will split up and an instructor will teach students one on one. Students learn the Tai Chi form step by step, so when they come to the next class they add new sections to the Tai Chi form. It takes around one year to learn the Tai Chi form. Afterwards, there is also other areas of Tai Chi they can learn such as Tai Chi sword. We also recommend students to come to class 2-3 times per week.

Master Lu was the first Licensed Acupuncturist and Tai Chi Master in Utah. He first came to the United States in 1974 from Taiwan. He was also twice grand national champion in Taiwan for full contact fighting. Master Lu established Master Lu’s Health Center which consists of Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi and Chinese Kung Fu. We also are offering a new program for Tai Chi Instructor certification course. It is one year long and will certify those who have a desire to teach Tai chi at recreational facilities, health clubs, and their own private studios. Our mission is to help others improve their health and wellness.

Master Lu’s Health Center is located at 3220 South State Street and our phone number is (801) 463-1101. Our website is www.luhealthcenter.com

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