Absolute Diet and Fitness

Their medical providers, personal trainers and nutritionists can work with you to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Owner Kary Austin guests on Studio 5

When you visit Absolute, check out Tami Clark, one of Absolute’s personal trainers. Tami can show you what a good personal training program involves and what types of exercises an individual should do while at Absolute. Tami teaches yoga and pilates moves plus she has a beginner class for newcomers and patients on HCG. She also has more advanced classes.

-If you’re not able to come to Absolute on a regular basis, Tami can also discuss and demonstrate what types of exercises you can do without a trainer at home. These exercises will help with overall toning.

-Absolute also counsels its clients on proper nutrition. Alex Johnson, a nutritionist at Absolute, can discuss with you some of the first questions he asks new customers about their eating habits. Says Alex … “In general when asking new clients, we ask about goals. Are they willing to make a lifelong change to help them and their family. We want to prevent obesity. I want them to be honest with me and talk about what they really eat and portion sizes. From there, we adjust accordingly to make the appropriate changes that are realistic.”

-Here are some general tips from Alex: Drink lots of water; read food labels to see what nutritional content; keep a log of what you and your family eat; when eating out, get a take home bag to avoid eating too much at each meal; cut out cookies and pop (or at least reduce); don’t skip meals and eat healthier snacks between meals. Remember that breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day—try to eat whole grain cereals, not processed things. Oatmeal and fruit are always good. Strive for balance and moderation. Don’t eat for several hours before you go to bed.

-Owner Kary Austin has created an Absolute cookbook with 150 pages of ways to cook to control weight and sugar intake. Kary says, “My friends and family have spent the last year changing our favorite recipes due to the fact that my brother-in-law is diabetic and my father was diagnosed as diabetic after his heart surgery. We have changed the recipes by adding agave instead of sugar and by adding spices instead of sauces to our recipes. Spices are generally natural–most sauces are made with sugars and carbs. Our recipes are made with sugar substitutes and natural flavors such as spices. The cookbook also has sauce recipes made with our spice list and sugar substitutes.”

-The cookbook will be available for purchase on the website, absolutedietandfitness.com, in conjunction with their upcoming grand opening Sept. 21 through 26.
How about some beauty tips. Makeup artist, Theresa Shaw offers a wide variety of makeup options, including permanent makeup and mineral makeup. Mineral makeup has revolutionized sunscreen since it’s the first powder sunscreen. Absolute uses the Colorescience line of mineral makeup. Colorescience is made with the most expensive raw ingredients, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The result is a product that’s incredibly pure. If you were to compare Colorescience to a food product, it would be like extra, extra, extra virgin oil, with no impurities and no fillers. Absolute works directly with Colorescience, so there are no middlemen involved, and they pass the savings directly on to you, their customer.

For more information, about Absolute Diet and Fitness, go to their website at www.absolutedietandfitness.com, visit them at 460 East 100 North, North Salt Lake, Utah or call at (801) 292-DIET

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