Pinch-Proof Accessories for Saint Patrick’s Day

Be a good sport on Saint Patrick’s Day, but without the tacky stickers. These ideas are the classy way to wear green.

Brittany Jepsen shares six cute ways to sport green this Saint Patrick’s Day.

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Make Some Green Accessories for Saint Patrick’s Day

Skip the stickers and make your own cute accessories for Saint Patrick’s Day! These ideas are easy to do and classy to wear.

Rainbow Pom

It’s your average pom pom, but with a rainbow middle! Layer your colors on the pom pom maker, and the way you order the colors becomes a rainbow! Find a step-by-step tutorial here.

Rainbow Bangle Bracelet

If you’re more into jewelry, you can find blank wooden bangles on Amazon. Then just hit it with a little green acrylic paint, add some cute rainbows, and you’re all set!

Shamrock Scrunchie

A super easy sewing project! Make a simple scrunchie, tie a couple bone shaped pieces of fabric to it, and you’ve got a shamrock scrunchie!

Rainbow Paper Earrings

saint patrick's day

You already have the materials in your craft closet! Make dangle earrings with paper and thread, and customize the colors to your outfit.

Shamrock Button Covers

Make your shirt a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration! These are made out of cheap felt from the craft store. Just cut out a little shamrock, cut a hole in the middle, and slide them over your buttons!

Mini Button Pins

If you’re not into DIY, grab some cute buttons you can just pin on to your outfit! Find them here.

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