yarn flowers

Add some darling yarn flowers to your spring décor! Here’s the tutorial…

Yarn flowers definitely have a place in your spring décor.

Grab your girls, grab your stash of yarn, and grab a seat at the craft table. You can fill an afternoon making darling yarn flowers using an inexpensive flower loom. It might be THE project to kick off spring. There are so many ways happy little flowers can be made from string.

Fiber artist Sarah Freeman shares how to make them.

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How to Make Yarn Flowers



  • Using one of the looms, wrap yarn around one peg clockwise, then pull across to the peg directly opposite. Wind the yarn clockwise around each peg. Knot on the back when finished.
  • You can skip pegs to create less full flowers, and you can even double up to make them fuller.
  • String a plastic needle with a piece of yarn for the center. Starting on the back side, string between the “petals” and then string across to the “petal” on the opposite side. Pull tightly. Continue to string in between all of the petals pulling tightly and knotting on the back when finished.
  • Remove from Loom and cut any loose ends.
  • Spray larger flowers with fabric stiffener if you would like.
  • For the garland: Hot glue flowers to rope or other thicker string. Glue at the top of the flowers since they will want to flip over if centered. Back with felt if desired for a stronger hold.
  • For the wreath: Hot glue flowers to the wreath base.
  • For the stand up flowers: Hot glue the dowel to the back of the flower. Then add a piece of felt to support the dowel.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use up your scraps!
  • Use these anywhere you would use a pom pom.
  • Thicker yarn doesn’t work well on the smaller looms.
  • Thinner yarn on the bigger looms will be floppier.
  • You can use fabric, tulle, t-shirt material, ribbon, etc.
  • Fabric stiffener works well for helping the flowers keep their shape. Doing a few coats on front and back will add even more strength.
  • Hot glue is your friend and will stick these to anything.

Sarah loves all the colors and all things crafty. She is the creator behind Apricot Polkadot, a colorful blog that helps others find joy through creating and making. Some of her projects have been featured in Mollie Makes Magazine and HGTV Magazine. Sarah lives in South Jordan, UT, where you can usually find her with yarn in her hands. Follow her crafting adventures at www.Apricotpolkadot.com, or on Instagram @Apricotpolkadot.

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