Adding Prints & Patterns to Your Home

Adding patterns to your home can help create a space that reflects your personality.

Blogger McKenzie Guymon with “Girl Loves Glam” shares five ways to embrace prints and patterns.

Prints and patterns can often times feel a little intimidating or overwhelming, but they don’t need to be! Adding great patterns into your home can make a house a home that you feel really reflects your personality. Adding prints and patterns can be done easily and in many different ways.

Textiles and Rugs

Adding a loud pattern can be much easier if it is done is a small way such as a pillow. Putting a pillow in your house with a pattern that you might usually shy away from can be a great way to ease yourself into bringing more patterns and prints into your home. It is amazing what one little pillow can do to bring life into a room. Patterned blankets and rugs can be subtle or turn into the focal point in a room. They aren’t permanent and a simple way to introduce patterns into your home.


Furniture with patterns on them are so popular right now and relatively easy to find. Adding a great striped side table in a room can change the entire mood of the room. If you are feeling adventurous, painting your own patterned furniture can be a perfect way to get the exact look you want so you can be sure that the furniture correctly reflects your personality. If you want the patterned furniture look, without it being quite so permanent, adding a vinyl pattern to your furniture can add a dramatic effect with the luxury of being able to change it at any time. For full tutorials on painting your furniture and adding vinyl, see


Painting your walls with a pattern is a simple way to add the exact pattern you want into your house. There are lots of stencils available to suit all design tastes. Striped walls are very popular and easy too. They can be more or less dramatic depending on the contrasting colors and width of the stripes. The best part about painting walls, is it can be painted over when you are ready for a change.


Putting patterned artwork on your walls can create a unique focal point for your room and can be completely customized to your style. Creating your own can be easy and inexpensive too. It is easily changed as your style evolves too.

Painting Floors

Painting your floors can be a big commitment, but can be well worth the effort. Adding stripes or a beautiful stencil to your floors can bring new life to a room. It is a unique way to add your personal stamp to your home. For full tutorials on stenciling floors, see

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