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Several months ago Affinity Hospice asked the question “What are the greatest challenges facing seniors today?” and also “What are the greatest challenges of those who are assisting in taking care of our senior population?”

Kay Nye, RN., and Executive Director of Affinity Hospice appears on Studio 5 to answer those questions.

Affinity Hospice of Life has identified these areas of concern to seniors:

1. Access to information regarding community resources

2. Knowledge of Healthcare benefits available under the Medicare and Medicaid systems

3. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

4. What are advanced directives and why do I need them?

5. Financial planning, whether that be a large estate or just personal belongings

6. Wills versus probate

7. Funeral expenses. How to prepare and what do I want?

8. What are Medicare HMO’s and how do they help or hurt my benefits?

9. How can I get my doctor to listen to what I want? Being your own Healthcare advocate.

10. What are my healthcare options

11. How can I avoid going into or placing someone in a nursing home?

12. What is Hospice and Homecare and how do you qualify?

All of these issues are important not only for seniors to understand but also for their children or other caregivers.

What Affinity Hospice provides is an hour long presentation at no cost that covers all of these topics.

They also provide a packet of information to each individual that explains each topic further.
Affinity Hospice has partnered with several companies, such as Sovereign Financial, Serenicare, Lifecare Home Health. Each of these partners will give a brief overview of the services they offer and then will set up a time to do a private consultation in their home with anyone who is interested, at no cost to them. The Affinity Hospice

Social Worker is available to assist people with filling out advanced Healthcare directives and to assist in accessing the community resources available to the senior adult community.

Affinity Hospice’s goal is to provide quality information and services to the elderly community through education and partnership with quality and trusted business leaders in the community.

They offer this free, no obligation presentation to any group of people of five or more. This can be church groups, civic groups, businesses, community organizations or just some friends and neighbors who would like to learn more about helping the elderly.

Affinity Hospice feels this information is a valuable resource to anyone with parents or friends who are 55 or older, disabled, or in need of assistance.

To learn more about the presentation or to set up a time to have this valuable information brought to you at no cost, please call the Affinity Hospice office at 801-274-0574 and ask for community educator Nadeen Marcus or The Executive Director Kay Nye. You may also go to for more details

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